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How Important Is Electric Construction Machinery For The Industry?

The EV segment is extremely popular these days, and this trend can be attributed to a variety of factors, including low operating costs, zero emissions, and instant torque delivery. However, in the recent past, a new debate has bubbled up that pertains to a topic that no one had previously discussed, and the subject of this debate is the shift to electric construction vehicles.

Major Problems Of Conventional Machinery

So, what are the factors which have led to the desire for a better lineup of construction machinery?

While conventional machinery has been performing its duties efficiently since its inception, advances in the electric segment have brought to light problems that previously existed in conventional construction machinery but were never highlighted.

Electric construction machinery Volvo 1

The biggest problems with these construction machines are their gas-guzzling heavy-duty diesel engines which although perform their tasks well but don’t do it efficiently.

These monstrous engines spew massive amounts of pollution into the atmosphere, wreaking havoc on the planet. These gases and other harmful chemicals cause a variety of cancers, and the growing concern for the planet’s environment has rendered these machines unappealing.

To make matters worse, these highly hazardous pollutants are accompanied by the extreme noise and heat generated by such heavy machinery.

Why Is EV Construction Machinery So Vital?

Electric construction machinery is critical for the industry because, due to its zero emissions, it not only addresses the issues that exist in conventional machinery, but also provide additional benefits such as zero engine sound, no vibrations, and no heat emissions.

The fact that EV machines have instantaneous torque makes them more efficient and effective in construction.

Electric construction machinery Volvo

Another significant advantage of EV construction machines is that, as a result of the shift to alternative energy sources, such machinery has relatively low operational costs.

This means that a company that has invested in a solar energy-generation setup will be able to significantly reduce the costs of running its heavy-duty construction machinery by charging it using its on-grid system.

Current EV Options For The Industry

Just as the first-mover advantage benefited companies that jumped on the EV bandwagon early on, the same is likely to happen to companies that excel in this race to deliver the industry’s first EV options.

Spierings and Volvo are two such names that have thus become synonymous with EV industrial machinery.

Spierings Multi Axle Electric Cranes

Spierings has even gone as far as delivering its first e-lift cranes which have different lifting capacities.

Depending upon the model in question, the four-axle variant can lift up to seven tons whereas the six-axle electric crane can lift up to ten tons.

The crane’s one-of-a-kind operational system works by utilising electric power that is stored in its Lithium-ion batteries and can thus be used whenever needed.

Volvo Electric Machines

Volvo offers a wide array of electric machines that range from loaders to excavators.

Heavy machinery is required on all construction sites, so the transition to electric machines is a welcome sign that will undoubtedly reduce global pollution.

Here are the machines that presently form up Volvo’s line of electric machines:

– The 5,000 kg L25 Electric with 40 kWh battery;

– The 4,500 kg L20 Electric with 33 kWh battery;

– The 2,780 kg L20 Electric with 20 kWh battery;

– The 1,765 kg L20 Electric with 16 kWh battery;

– The 1,960 kg L20 Electric with 20 kWh battery.

Final Verdict

While traditional construction machines will continue to operate for decades, their replacement with electric counterparts has already begun, which is a positive sign for global environmental conditions.

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