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Electrification Strategy In Europe By Ford

Ford is undergoing dynamic changes. The company recently announced the splitting of its operations into two different categories which will operate as separate entities:

– Ford Model e;

– Ford Blue.


The reason for launching the Model e division was to accelerate the performance of the EV division of the company.

Now, the company has offered more information about how it intends to operate its electric platform based vehicles in the European region.

New Ford EVs To Be Launched In Europe

The company will launch three new passenger EVs and four commercial electric vehicles in Europe by 2024.

The electric vehicles to be launched in 2023 for the European region will include:

– A medium-sized crossover;

– An EV;

– A sports crossover.

MED-Based Crossovers

These vehicles will be manufactured in Germany to make deliveries easier for the company. Besides this, the other big news is that these vehicles will be based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

The vehicles to be launched in Europe in 2024 will include:

– Puma;

– A crossover (medium-sized);

– A sports crossover;

– Mustang Mach E.

It is worth noting that the Ford Mustang Mach E is already available to customers in Europe.

The Ford Puma EV

The Puma is presently the company’s best-selling crossover in the European market. The electric variant of the vehicle will give the company an additional push.


The EV variant of the Puma crossover will be manufactured in Romania and the production is likely to start in 2024.

Ford Otosan To Run The Plant

This plant will be operated by the Ford Otosan. This is a joint venture of the following companies:

– Ford Motor Company;

– Turkish Koc Holding.

Which Vehicle Will Be Initially Produced In Germany?

A five-seater crossover will be the first vehicle that will be produced in Ford’s manufacturing facility in Germany. However, we believe that it will be a compact vehicle that will be launched as a pilot project.

The company is silent about the name and design of this compact vehicle and says it will announce the details at the end of the running year.

An Impressive Range

However, the company has revealed that the vehicle will have an impressive range of 500 km on a single charge.

The Sporty Variant Will Be More Desirable

We believe that what is being referred to as a sports crossover to be launched in Europe will be a coupe variant of this compact electric crossover.

The sporty variant of the EV will most probably be based on the VW ID.4 and ID.5 GTX.

Ford’s Plans For The Cologne Factory Over The Next Six Years

Over the next six years, the company aims to deliver around 1.2 million EVs using its Cologne production facility alone. This is a big number.

However, considering that the EU wants all other types of vehicles phased out by 2035, the EV segment has a huge scope.

Further to this, it is also worth noting that the company is interested in selling around 600,000 electric vehicles each year by 2026.

Ford’s Commercial Electric Vehicles

The commercial segment of the company will have four new vehicles. These will be:

– Transit Custom One-Tonne Van;

– Tourneo Custom MPV;

– Transit Courier Van;

– Tourneo Courier MPV.


The first two vehicles will be made in Turkey and will hit the roads by 2023 whereas the other two will be built in Romania and will be available during 2024.

Final Verdict

Like many other companies, Ford is interested in getting a piece of the lucrative pie that the electric vehicle platform has to offer.

The manufacturing facility in Cologne, Germany and following VW’s MEB platform is likely to play a pivotal role in this regard.

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