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Can You Electrify Your Old Land Rover? Yes Of course

Land Rover SUVs are known throughout the world for their great off-roading capabilities. However, the brand currently does not offer an all-electric model. So, if you have a classic Land Rover Defender and are looking for a way to electrify your old Land Rover, this article is for you.

What Is E.C.D Doing?

E.C.D is a US company that is based in Florida. It is well known for restoring Land Rovers, particularly Defenders.

The company recently got into the global limelight with its Land Rover Defender dubbed the E-Lander.

Collaboration With ECC

E.C.D in collaboration with Electric Classic Cars has recently offered an entirely new concept. According to this idea, classic Land Rovers are being converted to fully electric versions.

Benefits Of Going All Electric

The theme of the company’s operations is that it provides aficionados with a great opportunity to maintain the bulky masculine look of traditional Land Rovers while offering zero-emission electric variants.

Electrify your old Land Rover model

This gives vehicle owners the best of both worlds because what can be better than a great off-roading machine that isn’t harsh to the global environment.

What Does The E-Lander Feature?

The vehicle has the soul of a Tesla but offers the off-roading capabilities that Land Rover is renowned for.

Battery: Size & Location

The E-Rover has a 100 kWh battery. This powerhouse energizes the all-electric drive terrain of the Defender.

The batteries have been split into a 60:40 configuration. The main 60kWh battery is located under the hood.

Electrify your old Land Rover battery size and location

The 40 kWh battery is present at the rear end of the SUV.

A Special Liquid Cooled Setup

The batteries are liquid-cooled. This cooling system is a must-have for owners who want to keep their battery banks at the optimal temperature.

Electric Variants

E.C.D presently offers two options for converting Land Rover Defenders to all-electric variants. These include:

– 336 kW variant featuring 0 to 60 mph time of around 5 seconds;

– 447 kW variant having 0 to 60 mph time of roughly 3 seconds.

This is exceptional performance considering that the stock variant of the vehicle had a 0 to 60 mph time of over 14 seconds.

To put it into perspective, this acceleration is so impressive that it matches the 0-60 mph time of serious racing cars like the BMW 8 series.

Automatic Transmission

Regardless of which variant you choose, the E-Lander features an automatic transmission.

Additional Features

The E-Lander won’t be any ordinary Defender. That’s why the list of additional features includes:

– Traction Control;

– Downhill Assist;

– Regenerative Braking;

– ABS;

– Electric parking brake.


The E-Lander, like all other EVs, charges through a three-phase electric supply. The charging time will range from 5 to 10 hours (domestic socket).


The classic Land Rover Defender’s humongous boxy appearance significantly reduces the vehicle’s overall range.

Thus, with a full charge, owners will be able to go as far as 354 kilometers.

How Much Does It Cost?

A special vehicle, such as an all-electric Land Rover Defender, requires a significant investment.

The E-Lander will most likely cost more than €187,426 (£159,102). According to the company, these vehicles should not be compared to luxury SUVs or even Teslas.

Final Verdict

Despite its high price, the E-Lander is an excellent choice for enthusiasts with deep pockets looking for a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

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