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Elon Musk Sets “Massive Wave Of New Tesla Products”

Tesla has been playing it large lately. The company has achieved several milestones in the past few months with the opening of the Berlin Gigafactory being its biggest achievement in modern times.

CyberTruck is one of the new Tesla products

However, several Tesla products have been tarnishing the brand’s image lately.

Some of Tesla products include:

Nevertheless, the recent Tesla Cyber Rodeo event that took place on the 7th of April 2022 changed the dynamics once and for all.

It was mainly because the company’s CEO announced that all of the above-mentioned vehicles will enter production in 2023.

Why Is This Momentous?

This is big news mainly because the automaker has been offering the same set of vehicles for the past several years.

The lineup just saw an improvement once the Tesla Model Y was added. Other than it, it has all been the same and this had started making Tesla a boring company.

The Tesla Roadster and the Semi-truck were announced by the company in 2017 however despite the lapse of more than 5 years, they have still not been able to enter production.

Tesla Roadster

Similarly, the Tesla CyberTruck was announced in 2019 and we had high hopes that we would get it by 2020. However, we still have no idea even about the various trims and variants of this vehicle.

No New Tesla Models In 2022

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had clarified in January this year that the company won’t launch any new models in 2022. He further mentioned that the company is invested in scaling the present models for now.

At the recent Cyber Rodeo event held in Austin, Texas Gigafactory, Musk gave a more definitive timeline specifying when the company intends to launch these new vehicles.

The massive wave of new products that Musk promised for next year at the Cyber Rodeo will definitely give a boost to the company.

If true, it will strengthen the standing of the company in the corporate world where several naysayers have been targeting the company for not delivering on its promises.

What Is The Dedicated Robotaxi?

As we all know that Musk is known for his futuristic ideas and out of the box thinking.

He displayed this characteristic once again at the Cyber Rodeo where he mentioned that the company is looking forward to developing a dedicated Robotaxi.

All we know about it, for now, is that it will be a futuristic-looking vehicle that might change how we look at vehicles presently.

Robotaxi might be a new project as well
Development Of The Optimus Humanoid Robot?

Aside from these new vehicles, Musk also highlighted that the company may be able to start the development of the Optimus humanoid robot in 2023.

However, we believe that this might not be possible for Tesla as it already has too much on its plate for the next year.

Optimus humanoid robot

Tesla also demonstrated a CyberTruck at the stage during the Cyber Rodeo. However, no news about the pricing or the specifications of the CyberTruck was announced.

Final Verdict

Tesla fans have high hopes for the company and its products for 2023. We hope the company can meet the deadlines this time, otherwise, the customers will again be disappointed.

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