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EUNORAU D-6 E-Bike Launched As Low-Cost Electric Road Bike

With the growing demand for the electric segment, more and more people are switching over to electric vehicles. However, what about those who don’t have the money to go for an electric car or simply don’t want one? Well, electric bikes are the obvious answer. EUNORAU is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e-bikes. The company has launched its next model which is dubbed the D-6.

EUNORAU D-6 bike
A Light Weight Bike

This bike is special in that it is extremely lightweight which puts it in the league between gravel and road bikes.

Normally electric bikes weigh over 20 kilos however the D-6 is special because of its 18 kg profile.


The bike is presently available at an extremely low price of around €1,080 which makes it an even more imposing option for those who want to get an electric bike but don’t want to spend too much money.

D6 bike
Motor & Its Torque

The D-6 has a 250W motor and also has a torque sensor. This motor is capable of generating up to 60 Nm torque and as this number is much higher than most other electric bikes, the performance is particularly impressive.

What Does The Drive System Have?

The drive system of the D-6 is special because it features:

– A torque sensor;

– A cadence sensor.

This system is pretty effective in that it measures the wheel spin 104 times per rotation. This is a much higher figure than most cadence sensors which usually measure pedal speeds only 12 times per rotation.

The combination of the high-quality torque sensor as well as the cadence sensor ensures a more effective motor application than other electric bikes at this price point.

Motor of e-bike
What Is The Battery Capacity Of EUNORAU D-6?

This brings us to the most important question about the battery size of this electric bike.

The EUNORAU D-6 has a battery bank having a capacity of 360Wh. This battery is present inside the down tube and thus has the added advantage that it can be easily removed.

How Far Can It Take You?

For those with severe EV range anxiety, the EUNORAU D-6 is a great option as the bike has a considerably handsome range of around 50 to 75 kilometers.

While the range of this electric bike is not as impressive as some other options, which feature even more than 100 km of range on a single charge, it is still pretty impressive.

However, to get the most out of the bike, in terms of the range, you will need to use it in lower power settings.

What Is The Top Speed Of The EUNORAU D-6?

The European version of the bike has been limited to a top speed of 25 kph whereas the American version can travel as fast as 32 kph.

This speed seems fair enough for a small bike of this size which has been designed for urban riding in most conditions.

Here are some of the salient features of the bike which make the EUNORAU D-6 extremely compelling:

– Max load capacity: 150 kg;

– Hydraulic disc brakes to give added control at high speeds;

– Shimano 9 or 11-speed drivetrain;

– Color LCD;

– A smartphone app that provides vital information about the bike and rides history.

Final Verdict

The EUNORAU D-6 is a great bike that is now available at an extremely reasonable price.

Thus you should get yours right now if you are one of the people that are interested in great electric bikes.

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