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EV Charging Apps Review

A charging app is a very important tool for all EV drivers. It helps to locate charging stations easily, especially when you find yourself cruising in new neighborhoods. The number of charging apps has skyrocketed in the past few years due to increased demand. Although it’s good to have many options to pick from, it can be hard for drivers to find the best. In this article, I will review the top 5 EV charging apps in Europe. 

1. PlugShare

EV Charging Apps PlugShare

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web
Cost: Free with Ads

Plugshare is more than a charging point locator. It has over 440,000 charging stations in its database across the world. In addition, it utilizes a social model where users provide real-time information about a charging station. A user can upload statuses like “Broken Hardware,” “Closed,” “working perfectly,” and so on. This information helps EV drivers to understand the situation on the ground. The best feature of this app is that you can sort the charging stations by car type, plug type, cost, grocery stores, Restrooms, Wi-Fi, Hotels, and many more. Besides, users can also share their home chargers. Although the app has good features, it contains ads that can be annoying especial when they overlay the maps. You can mitigate this by using an ad blocker.

2. Greenlots

Platforms: Android/iOS/Web
Cost: Free

Greenlots is an EV charging station locator developed and managed by Shell. It also offers various solutions such as helping apartment owners design, build and manage their charging stations. The best thing about Greenlots is that it provides detailed information about the number of charging spots, costs, availability, last used, and connector types. The five-star features that Greenlots offers do not come without a cost. It charges high charging fees through its network. But you can still use the app to find free charging spots.

3. Chargemap

EV Charging Apps Chargemap

Platforms: Android/iOS
Cost: Free

Chargemap is one of the leading EV charging apps across Europe. It uses color-coded identifiers to show available and offline charging stations. Users can also add, review services, and validate charging stations. Since the community manages everything, it’s easy to get working stations close to you. It has registered more than 300,000 charging stations across Europe alone. To pay for charging using the Chargemap network, you need to sign up for a charge pass for €9.90.

4. NextCharge

EV Charging Apps NextCharge

Platforms: iOS/Web
Cost: Free

NextCharge has created a network of EV chargers across the world. Drivers can easily locate the nearest charging stations and check whether they are available for use. They can also check the connector types, charging speed, and a number of chargers. NextCharge integrates with Tripadvisor to provide details about the amenities close to the charging stations, such as hotels, bars, and restaurants. Users can also chat with other drivers and upload pictures and comments about the charging station. Drivers looking for a spot can use all this information to determine whether the spot is fit for them. NextCharge allows users to pay for charging via their mobile app. You can connect a credit or visa card, and the charges get billed on your phone directly. The only problem is that the app is limited to iOS users only.

5. Open Charge Map

EV Charging Apps Open Charge Map

Platforms: iOS/Android/Web
Cost: Free

Open Charge Map is a free and non-profit EV charging locator app available worldwide. All the data is managed by the EV community, businesses, developers, and charities. It aims at creating the most comprehensive database of reliable charging stations. Drivers can locate the stations using the map. They can also read the reviews, view pictures, and charge connector types to avoid wasting time.

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