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EV Maintenance Tips

In this article, we would like to talk about EV maintenance tips.

Electric vehicles are one of the most advanced forms of commute in the modern-day. So, it is a common belief that for maintaining such high-end cars, special maintenance is required.

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However, you will be surprised to know that EVs require lesser maintenance than ICE vehicles.

This is mainly because such vehicles have much lesser moving parts and thus the chances of anything going wrong are significantly lower.

Still, as electric vehicles move on the roads at high speeds, similar to ICE counterparts, some of their parts also need servicing. So let’s delve into the specifics of EV maintenance.

Which EV Parts Need Servicing?

Here are a few EV parts that need servicing to ensure that your electric vehicle keeps running properly:

  • As batteries are one of the most pivotal parts of an EV, keeping a check on their cell condition is a must. This is vital because in case the battery isn’t healthy, the vehicle won’t start and won’t run;
  • Another important part of electric vehicles is their motor. As long as the motor is properly functional, the EV will continue to operate under normal conditions;
  • High voltage electric cables of EVs energize the various EV parts. Thus, while servicing, these cables also need to be checked. In case there is loose connectivity or any damage, the issue needs to be rectified;
  • The cooling system that is responsible for maintaining the low temperature of the battery is another vital part that needs servicing;
  • As most electric vehicles make use of regenerative braking features so this whole system also needs servicing from time to time;
  • You will also be required to get the suspension as well as the heating and ventilation system of your EV serviced.
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Where Can I Get My Electric Car Serviced?

The best option for getting your electric car serviced is through an authorized dealer and repair shop.

It is vital to hire the services of a professional because the electric system of EVs contains very high voltage which can prove fatal if improperly handled.

The EV technology is still pretty new which means that not many experts exist in the market for this technology.

However, as the EV segment goes mainstream, you will be able to get these EVs serviced from your local workshop as well.

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What Are Electric Car Service Intervals?

The service interval for electric cars varies depending upon their manufacturer. Here are a few examples in this regard:

  • Nissan Leaf requires you to go for service once a year or after 30,000 km;
  • Porsche Taycan needs service after two years or 32,000 km.

However, it is pertinent to mention that even between these intervals, you must keep an eye on the performance of your EV.

If you observe something strange, you shouldn’t wait for the mileage stated by the automaker and seek help immediately.

What Are The Various Electric Car Service Exclusions?

Exclusions in the electric vehicle service segment are similar to the ICE counterparts.
This means that not everything that requires replacement will be included in the amount you pay for the service. Such parts often include tires, batteries and other costly items.

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It is worth noting that some manufacturers offer services with no exclusions whatsoever. However, these are very expensive and thus we don’t recommend going for them.

Electric Cars Service Costs & Maintenance Plans

EV maintenance is much cheaper when compared to ICE vehicles. This is because such automobiles don’t require any sort of oil change. They also don’t require oil and air filters.

Due to lesser moving parts, the wear and tear are also pretty low which translates to an overall low maintenance cost for such vehicles.

Thus, the overall service cost of such cars is also lesser as manpower isn’t required for any labor intensive work.

Some manufacturers now offer prepaid plans for the maintenance of these electric vehicles. So, if you feel comfortable this way, you always have the option of paying in advance.

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