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EV Startups In 2022: Future Prospects

While most automobile manufacturers have been around for several decades, most companies manufacturing EVs are pretty new. That’s why this segment offers a lot more opportunities to these newer companies than the conventional ICE segment. Here we discuss the top 10 EV startups in 2022 and discuss their performance. Besides this, we also shed some light on the prospects of these automakers.


The first EV manufacturer on this list is a startup firm known as NIO. The company is based in China.

EV startups in 2022 NIO

It is well equipped to give a tough time to the already set companies as it is not only supported by private investors but also has public money. That’s because the company got registered on the New York stock exchange in 2018.

NIO is already offering 5 vehicles in its local Chinese market and has also recently expanded to Norway.

Lucid Motors

The next EV startup on this list doesn’t need an introduction. It is a company that gives a tough time to Tesla due to its state of the art machines.

EV startups in 2022 Lucid Air

Lucid has been delivering exceptional results with the Lucid Air and the Performance version of the vehicle has a staggering 829 kW.

The company is all set to set up its new factory in Saudi Arabia in the upcoming years.


For those aware of the world of EVs, Fisker is not a new name. The company previously launched the Fisker Karma but it went bankrupt after that.

However, it is now back with new spirits and the urge to deliver better results this time.

The Fisker Ocean seems to be a great vehicle at least on paper and brags many of the features one would expect from a Tesla.


Arrival is the first EV startup on this list to be based in the United Kingdom. The company has targeted the lightweight commercial vehicle segment.

EV startups in 2022 Arrival

It recently entered an agreement with Uber and by offering its unique machines, the company seems to have a promising future.


While China had little to no contribution to the ICE vehicle segment, the world of EVs is led by Chinese automakers.

EV startups in 2022 XPeng

XPeng is another Chinese company that has high aspirations. It is a direct competitor of NIO in the Chinese market.

The company offers just two models for now but this is likely to change soon as newer models are likely to be added to the lineup of XPeng.


SUVs are pretty hot right now and thus Bollinger as a startup is trying to make the most of it. The company is launching the Bollinger B1 SUV and the B2 Pickup truck to meet the needs of customers.

However, with a starting price of around €117,106 (£99,480), we don’t expect huge sales figures.


This one stands out on the list mainly because of the design aesthetics. The vehicles produced by the company have solar panels among many other features that enable them to stand out from anything on the roads.


The company however might not have a promising future due to a lack of practicality.


Canoo is another name that is pretty renowned these days mainly because of the high quality and cutting edge technology of its vehicles.

The brand also came into the limelight recently when NASA signed an agreement with Canoo.


It offers not just a van but also a pickup that makes it extremely practical.


Mullen is a California based startup which is not that celebrated. The company earlier announced that it would launch a sports car that would be based on Qiantu K50, a vehicle already on sale in the Chinese market.

An SUV dubbed Five was also launched last year and the company also started taking orders for it.

Production of Five is likely to start by 2024 however we are still sceptical about the brand and its future.

EV startups in 2022 Mullen

The last but definitely not the least name in the world of EVs is Rivian. That’s because the company has already been impressing clients with its inspiring vehicles.


Rivian’s value also saw a huge increase during the last year however the company has been getting a lot of flak recently due to its inability to deliver EVs to customers in time.

Rivian is one of the strongest competitors to well set brands and is doing a decent job when it comes to sales.

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