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Does Faraday Future Have A Future?

Faraday Future which seemed to be a promising company in the past has recently experienced a tarnishing situation in which the company had to clarify that some of the statements made by its officials were not accurate.

These statements were made regarding the role of the company’s founder Jia Yueting.

The company went as far as creating a new position of Executive Chairperson and it was announced that the present CEO and the founder of the company will work under Susan Swenson.

Faraday Future came into the limelight during November last year when the company delayed the filing of its annual performance report which raised eyebrows in the corporate world.

Partnership With Myoung Shin

Faraday Future, recovered from the embarrassing above mentioned situation in the recent past and is now treaded in the right direction.

The recent partnership between Faraday Future and Myoung Shin, which is a South Korea based automotive manufacturer, speaks highly of the efforts that the company is putting in for a safe future.

The partnership is likely to play a pivotal role in the success of the company as the extremely important task of manufacturing FF 81, which will be Faraday Future’s second vehicle has been tasked to Myoung Shin.

What Makes FF 81 Special?

This brings us to the next question why is the FF 81 so special for the company?

It is worth noting that the acronym FF in the name of the vehicle is an acronym for Faraday Future.

The FF 81 has been planned as a mass-market EV from the company which will be a part of the luxury lineup.

It sports advanced level connectivity and according to reports, it will feature a tailored user experience.

Why Is The Partnership Big News For The Company?

The partnership means big for the company as it has produced a ray of hope for Faraday Future through which the company will be able to deliver a large number of the FF 81 vehicles in 2024.

While the FF 91 will not be able to reach the mainstream market, the FF 81 is the company’s hope of making a name for itself.

How Different Is the FF 81 From FF 91?

The ultimate intelligent techluxury FF 91 will be more oriented towards a selected audience whereas the FF 81 will be more oriented towards the general public. The FF 91 is likely to hit the market in the third quarter of 2022.

Where Will The FF 81 Be Manufactured?

The FF 81 will be manufactured in the Myoung Shin facility located in Gunsan. This is important for Faraday Future mainly because Myoung Shin is not only capable of manufacturing the parts of the automobile but also offers a wide array of services regarding their assembly.

What Does The President Of Myoung Shin Say About This?

The President of Myoung Shin was also recently reported saying that the company is committed to working with Faraday Future for building the future of the EV segment.

According to him, the company intends to deliver top of line high-quality products to customers.

Final Verdict

While Faraday Future has had an objectionable past, the company is now committed to making things right and the recent collaboration with Myoung Shin will help a great deal in shaping up the future of the company through its FF 81 model.

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