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First Alfa Romeo EV Arriving In 2024

This month is substantial for Alfa Romeo because the company recently unveiled its latest product, the Alfa Romeo Tonale. 

The vehicle that has been launched so far is a Plug-In Hybrid variant, but fans of the company are hopeful that Alfa Romeo will soon launch an all-electric variant of the Tonale.

Is The All-Electric Alfa Romeo Even Possible?

According to Daniel Tiago Guzzafeme, who is the product head of Tonale, the all-electric variant of the vehicle is technically possible but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will launch it.

However, we believe that Alfa Romeo is already thinking about it and that’s why such a senior representative of the company has made such a claim. 

It Might Already Be Ahead Of What We Think 

We have more than one reasons to believe that the Alfa Romeo EV is under preparation as the world of electric vehicles is booming at present and thus all automakers are launching their versions to grab the most out of this opportunity.

Tonale’s Platform Not Truly Unique 

It is also worth noting that the Tonale doesn’t feature a unique platform rather the one that has been used for it is in existence in the Jeep Renegade and several other crossovers that have already been upgraded to the electric platform.
What Overall Changes Are Expected?

The Tonale has a few adjustments to the existing platform to improve the overall experience. These changes include steering and electronic architecture improvements and an all-new suspension.

PHEV’s Battery

The PHEV variant introduced earlier this week features a battery that is unique to Tonale, and this has been done to enhance the Alfa Romeo spirit, which the company believes is a crucial feature that distinguishes it from its competitors.

When Will Alfa Romeo Go All-Electric? 

The company’s CEO recently announced that the company intends to go all-electric by 2027 and the process will start in 2024 after which a new vehicle will be launched every year.

What Do We Think About It? 

As Tonale is not an all-electric variant and the company intends to sell only vehicles of the electric platform after 2027, is it even possible that the company has launched a completely new model for such a small period?

After all, from the design board to its implementation, any new vehicle requires significant investment and why would Alfa Romeo do that if it has no aims of carrying the vehicle forward in the future?

This hints that the company’s first EV will be based on the Tonale and will offer similar dynamics and dimensions.

How Much Will It Cost?

An inside source from Alfa Romeo claims that the company intends to launch the regular variant of the Tonale in the €26,000 range whereas the top tier models will carry price tags of more than €44,000. 

No information about the pricing of the fully electric EV of Alfa Romeo or its range has yet been released.

When Will It Be Available?

While no specific date has yet been provided, it is being anticipated that the EV model by Alfa Romeo will be launched in the latter part of next year and we will likely see it on the roads by 2025.

Final Verdict

While all the information that we have about the Alfa Romeo EV is still in its initial stage, nothing can be said with certainty as to whether or not the company will be able to fulfil its claims of launching the Alfa Romero EV by 2024.  

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