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Fisker Accepting Reservations For The PEAR EV Without Providing Any Information About The Vehicle

We all know that the EV market is booming right now and that many automakers are jumping on board to increase sales, but Fisker has set a market first by making its Pear EV available for reservation without providing any information about the vehicle.

The news came a week ago when the Ohio based Pear was offered for a price of €26,300 and customers interested in buying this unseen five-passenger EV can book it for €220 whereas booking an additional vehicle would cost €88.

Partnership With Foxconn

Fisker has recently collaborated with Foxconn and the two companies now seem interested in manufacturing the Pear EV in a facility, based in Wisconsin, which was originally set up for manufacturing the displays of iPhones.
What Is The Production Plan

Fisker is making bold claims of manufacturing as many as 250,000 Pear EVs and says that the vehicle will be delivered by 2024.

Why Is It Raising Eyebrows?

Fisker is a new company in the EV market the shape of the Pear EV is yet to be finalized otherwise the company would have exhibited it to the interested individuals.

Semiconductor Shortage

The company is confident that it will be able to materialise its plans of offering the vehicles by 2024, which appears to be a long way off, for the time being, because even established companies such as Tesla and GM are facing massive semiconductor shortages that are preventing these companies from working to their full potential.
The Pear’s Price Seems Too Low To Be True

Another major concern that I feel might make the Fisker Pear project even more problematic is that the stated price is much lower than what others are offering for their electric vehicles.

We know that many new companies adopt the policy of entering the market at reduced prices to give a tough time to the already well-set rivals.

But it needs to be mentioned that while such giants have huge cash flows that can be set aside for the purpose, Fisker can’t do the same.

The Fisker Ocean Is Another Daring Adventure By The Company

Fisker it yet to enter the market with its first EV dubbed Ocean. This electric SUV has a relatively higher price of €33,000 but even that seems too low for the electric platform.

This model however is likely to hit the market by next year as the company has already claimed that its production will begin by the end of 2022.
Fisker Ocean Will Clarify The Company’s Position

The Fisker Ocean will be crucial in determining how far the company is successful in meeting its targets.

This is mainly because if Fisker fails to deliver the higher-priced SUV, how will it manage to deliver the lower-cost variants that appear to be a steal right now but maybe unmanageable by the company in the long run?

Author’s Take

Only time will tell how far Fisker can go with such a reduced price and in a market that is already teeming with EV manufacturers.

With a major challenge of the semiconductor shortage, if Fisker can deliver the Ocean by the next year, we should then have high hopes for the Pear EV as well.

But how many people will be interested in spending €26,300 on a vehicle whose first looks remain to be revealed even today?

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