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Ford Aims To Make The Tesla Powerwall Obsolete With Its F-150 Lightning

No matter where you are located around the world, power cuts are a constant source of distress and the world is adopting various methods to curtail this problem, one such example is the Tesla Powerwall.

However, this Powerwall or any diesel generator comes at an extra cost which the house owners need to bear to get a constant source of uninterrupted power.

Ford Setting The Way To Follow

Ford, one of America’s automotive giants has been offering state of the art machines to customers for several decades however with the world shifting over to the electric paradigm, the company has a new strategy to take on the challenges of the future.

F-150 Is Americas Most Favorite Truck

The Ford F-150 has been America’s bestselling truck for the past several years which means that this truck is present in more US homes than any other.

The recent launch of the Ford F-150 Lightning was therefore taken as a welcome step by aficionados and now Ford has even better news to impress its upcoming clients.
Partnership With Sunrun

Ford has recently entered a partnership with a company known as Sunrun and by the mutual technological advancements of both, a new system has been developed through which the F-150 Lightning owners will be able to power up their houses in times of emergency.
Why Is This A Big Step?

Ford already has 200,000 bookings of the highly anticipated F-150 Lightning, although not even a single unit has been delivered until now. This speaks highly of the confidence that vehicle owners have in the brand.

Therefore a system through which the EV’s battery acts as a generator for powering up houses seems to be a trailblazing technology that will soon make its way to other brands as well.

Intelligent Backup Power

The 9.6 kW power source provided by the F-150 Lightning’s “Intelligent Backup Power” technology can be connected to the main electrical panel of a house through which all electric appliances continue to normally operate.

The best part about this system is that it has sufficient power to energize a house not just for a few hours but for several days, depending upon the load requirements

This power source can also be used when the vehicle is out in the wild and thus it is expected to give a new definition to camping.
Ability To Charge Other EVs

The F-150 Lightning is capable of more than just powering a house or a camping site; instead, this modern technological marvel takes things a step further by allowing owners to charge other EVs at Level 2 charging speeds.

This means that the possibilities are endless with the Ford F-150 Lightning.  

No Need For A Tesla Powerwall Or A Generator

Why would you want to spend thousands of dollars installing a Tesla Powerwall or purchasing a dedicated generator when you can do so much with your F-150 Lightning?

While the F-150 Lightning is dynamic and can be used whenever needed, the Tesla Powerwall or Generator you get for powering up your house in an emergency must remain at their location even when not in use.
Final Verdict

Ford has always been the company that has put innovation before anything else and the trend continues with the F-150 Lightning which is not only setting up a domain of its own but is also likely to drift away customers from the products of other brands such as Tesla.

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