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Ford To Invest Billions Into New E-Transit Electric Van

In this article it is important to note that Ford is ready to invest billions into a brand new commercial vehicle – E-Transit electric van.

This week was momentous for Ford as the company made several huge decisions related to investments. As we all know that such decisions are the result of months of planning and foresightedness.
Investments Worth Billions Of Euros Being Made By Ford

The US giant has set aside a huge amount of €3.45 billion (£2.97 billion) which is likely to create as many as 6,200 jobs.

Ford Understanding The Importance Of The EV Segment

However, what is more, important is that the company is now looking to invest a huge amount of €1.40 billion (£1.12 billion) in building an all-new commercial electric vehicle.

While Ford and several other automakers have been considered laggards in the world of EVs, they are now making up for the lost time by investing huge pools of money in the segment.

The recent decision shows that Ford has recognized the importance of the EV.

According to the latest reports, this new vehicle will be built in the US state of Ohio.

Where Will The Remaining Amount Be Spent?

Besides this, out of the remaining amount, some money has been set aside for enhancing the production figures of the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Ford E-Transit electric van 2

It is to be highlighted here that the F-150 Lightning is the electric version of America’s favorite truck which is why the company is giving it due importance.

The company recently announced that it wants to ramp up the production figures of the electric truck to 150,000 units each year.

This was done after the company received an overwhelming response from customers regarding the booking of the F-150 Lightning.

When Does Ford Plan To Start Building The New Commercial EV?

According to our reports, Ford is likely to start the production of this all-new commercial electric vehicle by the mid of the current decade. This means that we can expect the company to offer this vehicle after 2025.

No fixed date has yet been provided but the manufacturing process will increase the job opportunities for US locals by around 1,800.

What Do We Know About The Commercial EV?

Well, not much for now as the company is completely silent about details. We believe that the commercial vehicle that Ford offers this time will have a better range and a bigger battery pack to make its use easier.

How Is The Ohio Governor Connected To This News?

The announcement is so crucial not just for the EV segment but also for the US state of Ohio that even the governor admired this step.

Ford E-Transit electric van Ford Ohio Assembly Plant
Speeding Up The Ford E-Transit Electric Van Production

It is also worth noting that Ford recently made another announcement. The company is investing €88.62 million (£76.07 million) for speeding up the production of Ford E-Transit electric van.

The E-Transit is Ford’s answer to commercial electric vehicles from European and Japanese automakers.

It’s a big vehicle with loads of storage space for commercial purposes.

Ford E-Transit electric van 1
Final Verdict

Ford is pouring billions of euros into the EV segment. After seeing a great response from customers of the F-150 Lightning, the company is now certain that it needs to beef up its commercial EV game as well.

With the extra billions of dollars and hundreds of more staff members, the company will ensure that it gets the most out of the lucrative EV pie.

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