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FREY CC Fat Tire E-Bike Review

FREY is an electric bike manufacturer from China. The company is renowned for its premium quality e-bikes which cost a fraction of their European counterparts. This has aided the company in quickly rising to fame. According to recent reports, FREY CC lineup came into existence in 2019 and quickly joined the ranks of one of the most well-reputed e-bikes in its category.

FREY CC bike
Design Of The Fat Tire Bike

The design language of the new Fat Tire bike follows suit to that of the original CC series but now offers more off-roading ability to riders.

Besides this, the new fat tire variant also ensures that while on the road, riders will get a more relaxed cruising experience.

We agree that several electric bikes are available at much lower prices than the FREY CC, but they mostly use low-quality parts.

FREY specializes in two kinds of bikes which are:

  • Mountain bikes;
  • Downhill bikes.

The company ensures the use of high-quality materials in all the bikes that it produces.

Special Tires For More Grip

The latest addition to the FREY CC series will be a comfort-oriented full-suspension e-bike.

This bike has special Maxxis 18 cm tires which not only provide more grip but also ensure that the riders can go virtually anywhere they want.

FREY CC tires
Superior Quality Shocks and Suspension Frame

The bike has RockShox Monarch RL shock along with a mid-step full suspension frame. The unique selling point of the bike is the 140 mm travel of the front air fork.

Best Brakes In The Segment

Even the brakes have been updated. It features 4-piston Magura MT5e stoppers.

But what makes these brakes special? Well, these are the most powerful and the best quality brakes available in electric bikes.

This means that riders will have full control over the bike while going down the hill.

What About The Transmission?

Ok, we get it. The latest FREY CC has a great suspension and high-quality brakes. But is that all?

No, FREY has left no stone unturned in providing premium quality parts for its latest e-bike.

That’s why the 9 Speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain offers a mid-tier transmission to the FREY CC Fat Tire E-bike.

Besides this, the gear ratios are offered in a way that both leisure riders, as well as commuters, always have access to the best gear for every situation.

Motor & Power

The M620 motor used on the FREY CC Fat Tire has a peak power rating of 1.5 kW. However, the motor is capable of providing a 1kW continuous power rating.

FREY CC motor and brakes

The top speed of the bike is 51 kph.


The bike has a 1000 Wh battery that is big enough for an electric bike. It is capable of taking it up to 160 km under optimal usage conditions which is impressive for an e-bike.


The FREY CC Fat Tire is an expensive bike that costs €4,175 for the first 50 units as a special price.

However, all bikes after the first 50 will cost around €4,360.

Pros/ Cons Of The FREY CC Fat Tire Bike

Let’s now take a look at the pros and cons of the FREY CC Fat Tire bike.

  • It’s a powerful bike;
  • Riders can have extra fun while off-roading;
  • Long-range;
  • Comfortable ride.
  • High price;
  • Low efficiency due to fat tires.
Fat tires vs thin tires
Which Are More Efficient, Electric Bike With Fat Or Thin Tires?

Fat tires experience more friction between their rubber and the road surface due to their increased contact area with the ground.

As a result of this increased friction, electric bikes with fat tires are less efficient than e-bikes with thin tires.

The air resistance on the fat tires is also more than that in the case of thin tires. This also adversely affects their efficiency.

Do Bikes Use More Electricity With Thick Tires?

The simple answer to this question is yes, electric bikes use more electricity with thick tires.

This is mainly because of the increased friction due to fat tires that the bikes have to overcome.

The result might not be gargantuan but yes, there is a difference in the usage of electricity based on the thickness of the tires.

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