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FSD Beta Update By Tesla: What To Expect?

Elon Musk is often termed a living legend. This is because he has a thing for technology and innovation like no other human being alive at the moment. The concept of a FSD Beta update (Full Self Driving technology) inspires Tesla’s founder more than all of us which is why he has been extremely invested in this technology for quite some time. However, now it seems that the results are about to be seen.

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So, according to recent reports, the Full Self Driving Beta update is ready and will be made available to a wider spectrum of customers, if it performs well.

Not A New Thing For Tesla

The Tesla FSD Beta is not a new thing. Rather the company has been releasing its updates since October 2020. The option has only been provided to a selected number of customers for now.

This is because the company is still not sure about how the system behaves. However, one thing is for certain Tesla has been heavily invested in this field and this is why it is now feeling confident about it.

The Full Self Driving Beta is an advanced level software driving assistance system through which Tesla owners can reach their defined location. The destination has to be input through the car’s navigation system.

FSD Beta

However, it is worth noting that the system still needs the driver to stay vigilant to take control of the car in the case of an emergency. This is why it is considered a level two driver assistance system.

FSD Beta update

There have been instances in which the updates have been regressions in that they have, at times, taken back a few options that were previously available.

While the company continues to release more updates, by far the FSD Beta 10.10 released last month is considered one of the most impactful ones.

What is even more impressive is that the company has now included 60,000 Tesla drivers in its FSD program.

Full self driving

The FSD Beta 10.11 was recently released and it brings further changes to the 10.10 update.

What Kind Of Updates Are Launched?

To get an idea of the kind of updates launched by the FSD Beta program, here are a few examples:

– Improved understanding of the right of way. This is helpful when the map shows a direction that the car can’t navigate to;

– Increasing the size of the next-gen auto labeler, training network. This improves the detection rate of ongoing pedestrians and bicycles. The recent improvement of 44.9% was seen in this regard;

– Improved control of nearby obstacles;

– Reducing the vehicle parking error rate. This makes the vehicle less likely to collide with another object while parking;

– Improved stability of UI visualizations.

When Will It Be Available In Europe?

Tesla is already hiring new employees who will play a pivotal role in the FSD Beta deployment in Europe.

The system has become awfully advanced over the years and thus the company now wants to expand it beyond the US borders.

The announcement of expanding Tesla’s ADAS system came in June 2021. Some of the locations that the company is looking to hire employees include:

– Canada;

– Spain;

– France;

– Italy;

– China;

– Japan.

Tesla has also been reported of looking for Software Engineers in the field of Autopilot from the following countries:

– Netherlands;

– Italy;

– France;

– Germany.

While no specific date has been announced as to when the FSD Beta program will be made available in Europe but the above-mentioned announcements from the company reflect that it isn’t too far from us.

Final Verdict

The Tesla FSD is a great technology that is being further improved continuously through Tesla updates.

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