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Fully Electric Passat?

The world is excited to transition to an electric platform, owing to the low emissions that electric vehicles are known for. The recent vehicle to join the electric family is fully electric Passat which is a large family sedan manufactured by the German automaker Volkswagen.  

History Of The Vehicle

Passat has been in production since 1973. The vehicle has been well received by customers ever since its launch and was even named the European car of the year in 2015 which is significant given that all major German automakers including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, produce cutting-edge machines.

Passat has been offered in a total of eight different generations which are known as the B1 to B8. 

The vehicle’s first generation that remained in service from 1973 to 1981 was one the most iconic cars and it was the one that provided it the actual push.


However, over the years Volkswagen has produced the Passat as a high-end vehicle that has not only stood up to the expectations of the customers but has also been trendy.

Current Generation Of Passat

The current generation of the car has been in production since 2019.  However, according to recent reports, Volkswagen intends to offer fully electric Passat to compete with vehicles from Tesla and other German manufacturers like Mercedes and BMW. 

First Appearance

The fully electric Passat has been named Aero B however it was presented as a concept car in the 2018 Geneva motor show. 

Nonetheless, for unknown reasons, VW has been unable to offer it to customers until now. It’s worth noting that the car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show under the name ID. Vizzion.

Fully electric Passat ID.Vizzion
When Will It Be Available?

According to reports, it has already been spotted on the roads which means that it might be closer than we had anticipated.

Spy Shots

The spy shots of the Aero B are going viral all over the internet, showing a camouflaged Passat, but what is surprising is that the vehicle has been fitted with Jetta grills to disguise it.

VW by replacing only the grills, however, has not been able to hide its latest offering from enthusiasts, who quickly identified the vehicle as Aero B.

A Blend Of Passat & Jetta?

It is also possible that VW is attempting to blend the looks of the Passat and Jetta for Aero B to differentiate it from the standard gasoline version of the Passat.

It is a common practice among car manufacturers to add a few distinguishing features to their EV models to separate them from regular models, and VW’s Jetta grills could be an example of this.

Vehicle’s Range

It is being anticipated that Aero B will sport a range of up to 600 km or 323 miles, which does not seem impossible given VW’s latest battery technology, which has already impressed EV enthusiasts in the company’s ID series vehicles.

Final Verdict

The fully electric Passat, which may be offered under the title of ID. Vizzion, like other ID vehicles from the company, is expected to be a great addition to VW’s EV line-up, as the company is determined to go all-electric within the next few decades.

Prime competitors of the Aero B will include Tesla’s Model 3, Hyundai Ioniq 6 and Polestar 2.

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