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Future EVs That Deliver Will Be Cheaper Than Diesel Trucks By 2035

While the truck industry at present is dominated by ICE models, the future for such heavy-duty haulers is bleak.

The electric medium-duty trucks, as well as the electric heavy-duty trucks, will replace the existing models completely.

They will be cheaper than diesel trucks and will be more effective for pulling heavyweights with their instant torque.


Another factor that will play a vital role in completely replacing the ICE trucks is the low price at which these electric trucks will be available by 2035. This was stated recently by the US Department of Energy.

2030 will be the watershed moment for this segment as by then around 50% of the electric trucks will be cheaper to operate than their fossil fuel counterparts.

Here is what the future holds for this segment:

– Small battery-operated trucks are likely to become cost-competitive by 2030;

– Larger trucks with less than 800 km range will give the ICE ones a tough time by 2035.

Why Is Going Electric Important For This Domain?

While the medium and heavy-duty trucks are just 5% of the total traffic on roads, their contribution to pollution is more than 20%. This is why it is vital to go to the electric platform in this scenario.


So, this brings us to the question that how many medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks we will see on the European roads by 2030. Here is the data which will enable us to take a deeper look into the matter:

– 28,648 medium-duty electric trucks;

– 160,561 heavy-duty electric trucks.

The penetration of such trucks will be the highest in Germany. According to an estimate, the electric trucks will be able to get this much percentage of the segment in Germany by 2030:

– 2% in the medium-duty segment;

– 43% heavy-duty segment.

Top Electric Trucks

Here are the top 5 electric trucks that most people are looking forward to:

– Tesla Semi Truck;

– MAN e-truck;

– Mercedes Benz Urban E-Truck;

– E-Fuso Vision One;

– E-Force One AG.

Many of these companies are yet to reveal the complete specifications, price & availability in Europe, but they are coming sooner than most of us think.

Why Electric Trucks Will Be Cheaper Than Diesel Ones?

It is a vital question why electric trucks will be cheaper than diesel ones in the future. So, let’s see what will make this platform relatively cheaper:

Government incentives

Governments around the globe are offering huge incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles.

As the trucking segment is responsible for a major portion of the total emissions, introducing more electric trucks is important.

This is why heavy incentives to electric medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks are expected in the future.

Major European Programs Being Offered Presently

Here are a few such incentives and programs that are currently in existence:

– The German electro-mobility directive;

– French electric charging funding;

– Spanish Efficient & Sustainable Mobility Incentives (MOVES) II program.

All these programs have one objective in mind which is to make the shift to the electric platform cheaper & easier.

Higher Carbon Taxes In The Future

Another main factor that will make it difficult to run diesel trucks at low costs in Europe is the introduction of carbon taxes.

Large Scale Production To Favor Electric Trucks

While the electric truck segment will boom in the future, sales for the diesel variant will decline. This means that large scale production of electric trucks will make them cheaper to own in the times to come.


The price fluctuations of the crude oil as well as the high maintenance costs of diesel trucks will surely push away buyers from these trucks who will eventually turn to the electric platform.

Effect Of Advancements In Battery Technology

Furthermore, the advancement in battery technology will bring the following advantages:

– Improved energy density leading to higher range per charge;

– Lower cost per battery;

– The life of the batteries is likely to increase in the future, resulting in lower replacement costs.

Final Verdict

The future is all-electric & thanks to the rapid advancements in this field, the trucking segment is no exception.

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