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General Motors Buick Moves Electric With Buick’s Wildcat EV Concept

As the world is getting more and more conscious of emissions, the EV segment is growing at a rapid pace.

The latest company to join the list of those pursuing their segment is GM’s Buick.

Buick Wildcat EV concept

It announced a concept last week that according to Buick decides the direction in which the company will move in the future.

This concept has been named the Wildcat. A rare name for a car I must say, but then again, an electric Buick is also something completely new.

Buick has also decided to completely change the dynamics of its operation. This encompasses several aspects and even the logo of the brand is seeing changes.

New Buick logo
Buick Trying To Change Its Impression

This is big news especially when you consider that Buick has previously been considered a brand for the old-age people due to its stodgy design language.

The recent changes are likely to attract youngsters to the brand who considered Buick a no go area in the past due to its lack of bold styling and sporty nature.

The Buick Wildcat EVs will have not just completely revamped aesthetics but also feature superior performance that is often attributed to electric vehicles.

All this is a big step for the 119-year-old company that is now looking to tap a new audience.

Other EVs From Buick To Follow Suit

It is worth noting here that Buick is likely to completely transition to the EV segment by the end of this decade.

The news were also momentous as Buick’s first EV will hit the market in 2024. It will be based on GM’s highly anticipated Ultium battery platform.

New General Motors EV

The company now intends to launch a new lineup of EVs dubbed Electra. It remains a mystery as to how many vehicles this line-up will carry by 2030, but obviously, the number will have to be significant if Buick wants to discontinue the ICE segment altogether.

What Makes The Wildcat So Significant?

The Wildcat is also significant because all other vehicles of the brand, whether ICEs or EVs will borrow several elements from it, in the future.

What Does The Marketing Manager Of Buick Say About The Wildcat?

The marketing manager for the brand expressed his feelings for the Buick Wildcat EV by saying that it is extremely important for the company because it will propagate the company in a completely new direction.

Buick is a major player in the Chinese market, where it is considered a luxury brand. As the Chinese market is steadily making the shift to the EV segment, Buick has realized that if it wants to stay as a viable option in the market, it has to go electric.

Thus the Buick Wildcat is not just an entirely new direction for the company but also a necessity.

How Does The Interior Feel?

On the interior, the Buick Wildcat is a visually pleasing vehicle with white and red seats. Even the control panel display of the vehicle is immense and measures a total of 30.4 inches.

The half clear steering wheel makes the driver feel in control which is exactly what you need with a powerful vehicle like this.

Interior of Buick EV
Performance, Range & Battery

The company has decided to remain silent about the performance, range and battery of the vehicle.

Wildcat EV

However, we feel that the Buick Wildcat will have all the bells and whistles that are associated with modern-day EVs.

Final Verdict

The Buick Wildcat EV is the latest attempt from the company to attract a new audience. Only time will tell how the Electra series of Buick electric vehicles will perform in terms of sales.

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