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Tesla Is Looking To Expand At Gigafactory Berlin

The Tesla Berlin Gigafactory has been in the news for quite some time because it suffered from several restrictions before being opened for production. The factory is back in the news however this time the reason is a bit different.

Gigafactory Berlin

According to reports, Tesla has plans to acquire a new piece of land adjacent to its Berlin factory. This shows the company’s intention of expanding the production.

It is worth noting the existing factory is already colossal. It is spread over an area of 300 hectares. This to be acquired piece of land measures around 100 hectares.

Where Is This Land Located?

This new piece of land is located between two country roads (L23 & L38) and the RE1 railway line.

How Will This New Land Be Used?

We have no official reports regarding it. However, rumours have that Tesla intends to build a train station as well as some allied storage areas on this land.

This falls in line with Tesla’s statement in which the company clarified that it has many suppliers and their parts will be delivered to Berlin Gigafactory by train.

Besides this, newly manufactured Tesla vehicles will also be transported away using trains. This will provide not just a cost-effective but also a quick method of shifting these vehicles from the factory.

How Much Will This New Piece Of Land Cost Tesla?

We all know that the EV giant is not very fond of revealing much information about its projects.

This is why we don’t believe an official statement about the cost of this acquisition will be made anytime soon.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin

However, based on the price that Tesla paid for the previous 300 hectares, it is expected that the massive plot that Tesla is eyeing will cost around €13 million. If the deal takes place, construction at the site might start during the next year.

Meanwhile, the company is heavily focused on ramping up the production figures of the Model Y vehicles to be delivered to the European market. The Berlin factory is also playing its role in the battery cell production segment.

Tesla is facing many difficulties while operating in Germany where environmentalists seem much concerned for the planet.

News has it that a group has recently filed against the company for its license to be revoked in the light of a recent paint leakage in the paint shop.

Production Volumes Of Tesla In Europe, USA & China

The company now operates four Giga factories which are located in Europe, USA and China.

Tesla Gigafactory

Here are the production volumes that Tesla is achieving from all of these factories.

  • As the Berlin factory is still in its infancy stage, it will only be able to produce around 30,000 vehicles by the end of the current year. The Berlin Gigafactory has a production capacity of half a million vehicles;
  • The Nevada Gigafactory is the oldest of the bunch and thus it also has the capacity of delivering around 500,000 Tesla vehicles annually;
  • The Shanghai Gigafactory is striving to achieve a production volume of 5,000 cars each week which will translate to 250,000 vehicles each year;

Tesla states that together the Tesla Berlin and the newly added Austin factory will aid the company in hitting the production figure of 2 million vehicles each year.

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