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GM Confirms: Electric Corvette Is In The Works

You know how quickly the electric vehicle platform is expanding when no vehicle segment can keep itself from going down this lane.

The Chevrolet Corvette is an iconic vehicle which is renowned for its sporty looks and impressive performance.

electric Corvette test car

General Motors recently announced that the electric version of the Chevrolet Corvette is in the works and thus interested fans should keep high hopes from the brand regarding this vehicle.

The information was revealed by Mark Reuss who is the President of General Motors. Exclusive images of the upcoming electric Corvette were also released by the automaker.

When Will It Be Available?

The electric Chevrolet Corvette is expected to hit the market during the early months of the next year.

The hybrid electrified version will be launched first which will be followed by the all-electric variant soon.

No exact date has yet been specified but the company seems confident about its progress, which is why it has announced a ballpark time of arrival for the electric Corvette.

Does It Means The End Of The Corvette We Know?

No, Reuss made it clear that the conventionally powered Corvette, that we know, is not going anywhere any time soon.

Chevrolet Corvette

The electric versions will be offered in parallel with the ICE vehicles so in case anyone wants to go for the gasoline variant, he can opt for that.

What Else Do We Know?

So, what else do we know about the electric Corvette? Well, not much for now. Like many automakers, GM has decided to keep much of the information for the launch date.

That’s why we can’t comment on the vehicle’s acceleration times, top speed, battery capacity, range and even the size of the motors.

However, from the video, we get the idea that the front wheels of the vehicle will be powered which hints at an all-wheel-drive Corvette.

This will means an even more exciting experience for drivers and further impressive performance figures.

As the electric variant of the vehicle will be based on Corvette’s existing mid-engine platform, it will have sufficient space for the placement of separate motors for the front and the rear wheels.

First look into electric Corvette

This is one of the main benefits of the EV system. To get more power, you don’t need to go through all the hassle associated with the ICE counterparts.

Rather you can just install a motor and power it up through a wiring harness. That’s all.

This is why we have high hopes that Chevrolet will not refrain from offering the Corvette in the AWD format for added power.

Will It Be Based On The Ultium Platform?

GM’s President categorically made it clear that the new electric Corvette will be based on GM’s Ultium platform that the company is already using for the Hummer EV, Blazer EV and the Silverado EV.

How Do Corvette Fans Feel About This?

The Corvette fans are heads over heels in love with the news and expect to see the vehicle soon.

electric Corvette

While it won’t have the rumbling sound they’ve associated with the vehicle in the past, it will, however, have an exhilarating performance. This will in a way make up for the thundering road of the internal combustion engine.

Why Is GM Going Down This Lane?

This brings us to the vital question that why is GM converting one of its most iconic sports cars to the electric platform?

Well, the step is being taken as a part of GM’s plan to release 30 new electric vehicles by 2025.

The company has already made it clear that it wants to transition completely to the electric vehicle segment by 2035.

The automaker is under immense pressure from investors who want the company to dedicate parts of its fleet to the EV platform.

Besides this, the soaring gas prices have also made it incumbent upon GM to offer even the Corvette’s electric variant.

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