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Good News For VinFast Fans

The sprouting world of electric vehicles is seeing an influx of added contenders. As more and more companies join the bandwagon, the competition is also increasing drastically.

What Is VinFast?

VinFast seems like a promising company. But if you feel surprised by what VinFast is, you are not alone.

Not many people in the west are aware of this company however, you’ll be amazed to know that it is not a startup.

VinGroup Is Diverse & Wide Spread

Rather VinFast is a part of VinGroup which is a Vietnamese conglomerate. The company is more like Amazon but the only difference is that it has a lot more offshoots.

Some of the businesses that VinGroup has at present include hotels, hospitals, smartphones & vehicle manufacturing. This is why this recent venture by the company isn’t unexpected.

VinFast has recently claimed to offer its electric vehicles for sale in the US market by the end of this year.

Which EV Models Will VinFast Offer?

This brings us to the question that which EVs VinFast will offer in the market. Well, for now, the company is looking to offer two EVs which are VF 8 & VF 9.

VinFast recently invited several journalists to show the prototypes of these cars.

Some experts claim that these EVs are the same as VF e35 and VD e36. It’s just that the company has rebadged them.

The vehicles were previously demonstrated at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, where they had the aforementioned nomenclature.

For now, the company has only been able to set up the interior of the VF 8.

In contrast, the interior of the VF 9 just has carpets and VinFast seems to be working on the interior of the VF 9 as well.

Both VF 8 & VF 9 carry the shape and form of SUVs. It is a great step by the company to enter the EV field with SUVs.  This body form has been adopted mainly because the SUV market is showing great sales figures.

This is why almost all well-reputed brands are now offering tier EVs in SUV form and the latest BMW iX is one such example.

The second reason is that the SUV form allows the company to have more road presence which means that the vehicles become more imposing.

The platform of both these vehicles is the same. However, the VF 9 is about 8 inches longer than the VF 8.

The VF 8 is rumoured to have a single motor. However, no official report has been provided about this for now.

Which Variants Will Be Offered?

For both VF 8 and VF 9, the following two variants will be available:

– Eco;

– Plus.

Both vehicles are also suspected to have level 2 autonomous driving.

Power & Torque

According to the spec sheet mentioned by the company, the vehicles will have two options: which are 260 kW having 500 Nm & 300 kW having 640 Nm both of which seem to be great numbers.

Battery & Range

The battery size has not been announced for now but the company still claims that the VF 8 will have a range anywhere between 460 km & 510 km. The vehicle will have two battery options

The VF 9 on the other hand will have more range. VinFast claims impressive figures of 485 km & 680 km for the two battery options.

Final Verdict

Let’s see if the company is actually able to enter the US market by the end of this year.

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