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Has The Electric Vehicles Batteries Recycling Revolution Started?

While the world of automotive claims to reduce global pollution, the adverse effects of the batteries that are discarded into the atmosphere are a major source of concern and this is why on the demand of environmentalists, massive action is being taken to fix the issue.


One such remedy is to make the EV batteries recyclable and this is why several companies are working in the field.

Situation In United States

One such example is the US-based company known as Battery Resourcers, which is setting high hopes of establishing a gigantic factory in the US by August this year. 

How Big Is The Setup?

This will be the largest EV battery recycling facility setup which will cover an overall area of 47 square kilometers.

Processing Capacity Of The Plant

The overall processing capacity of the factory is expected to be around 30,000 metric tons annually which will significantly reduce the pollution caused by the discarded batteries at least in the United States.  

Investment & Return

Such a huge setup requires massive investment and this is why this 150 jobs generation facility is likely to cost upwards of 38 million Eur.

Serving Dual Roles

This means that with dual benefits of reducing pollution as well as offering job opportunities, the revolution of the EV battery recycling segment has been initiated.

Situation In Europe

With the overall EV market seeing an extremely high number of electric vehicles on the road in Europe, the stress on the environment will be significant.

This necessitates a setup in Europe as well which will not only reuse the discarded components but also aid in reducing the pollution.


The RECYVABAT (Recycling & Recovery of Batteries) is a major project that is undergoing meticulous work for increasing the number and quantity of recycling EV batteries.

French Government To The Rescue

This project is backed by the French government with a grant of 6 million Eur. This demonstrates that the governments of such advanced countries are cognizant of the overall effect of discarding batteries into the environment. That’s why they looking for ways to address the issues.

Another Ray Of Hope

Another project is the result of the collaboration between Solvay and Veolia which is also undertaking similar steps to increase the capacity of recycling EV batteries. This plant will also be located in France.

A Huge Battery Recycling Setup In Sweden

However, France is not the only country in Europe that is feeling the urge to come up with battery recycling plants. 


Stena Recycling which will be set up in Sweden at 24 million Eur will also follow in the footsteps.

More Jobs For The Locals

All these recycling facilities will also provide hundreds if not thousands of jobs to the locals in the long run. This will not only improve the standard of living for such people but will also provide them with fresher air.

Final Verdict

With the world fully aware of the harmful effects of discarding batteries into the environment, more serious steps are being taken to resolve the matter.

While the above-mentioned steps might seem small at first, they are actually the beacons of salvation that will eventually play an active role in protecting the planet from the harmful effects of EV batteries.

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