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Here Is Why The EUNORAU D6 Bike Is Worth Your Attention

The electric platform is quickly taking over the world and no one can deny this fact however this change is not just confined to the four-wheel segment and the two-wheel domain is also undergoing dynamic changes which prove that the e-bikes have a lot of potential.
Types Of E-Bikes

The e-bike segment is broadly classified into two different categories based on their motors so according to this approach there are either the mid-drive motor or the hub-motor e-bikes. 

While the hub-motor e-bikes are cheaper due to their simple mechanism, the mid-drive e-bikes excel in performance and are thus more expensive than the former type.

How Is The EUNORAY Different?

This is where the EUNORAU D6 steps in an attempt to completely change the dynamics by offering a mid-drive bike but at a price comparable to hub-motor bikes.

The starting price for most mid-drive e-bikes is around the €2650 mark and the ones that have a torque sensor easily cost more than even this.


The introductory price of the EUNORAY D6 however is €1765 which is even lower than most hub-motor e-bikes and this is why the bike is getting in the limelight globally.

What Is A Torque Sensor?

This brings us to an important question about what a torque sensor is and what it does.

So simply put, a torque sensor is an advanced mechanism that engages the electric pedal assist which resembles the human input on a normal bike. 

Features Of The EUNORAY D6

The EUNORAY D6 is special because it has a total of 60 Nm torque which is enough for a lightweight e-bike.

In addition to this, the sophisticated 11-speed transmission of the bike allows streamlined gear shifts. 

Aerodynamic & Trendy

It goes without saying that like all e-bikes, the EUNORAY is extremely aerodynamic which not only helps in reducing the drag force but also aids it in getting a highly pleasing aesthetic.
Battery Capacity Not Yet Disclosed

For now, no information has been provided by the company about the bike’s battery capacity and thus we are left only guessing about it.

However, we have been informed that the 18 kg bike will ride for around 50 km on a single charge which is ample for everyday usage. 

Available For Everyone

The wide range of size and color options mean that anyone regardless of their size or gender can get a EUNORAY for themselves and get the feeling of a high-end mid-drive bike at a fraction of what the competitor products cost. 

App Synchronization Is Amazing

Like most modern-day e-bikes, the EUNORAY has the option of being synced with a smartphone app that allows users to keep track of not only their trip records but also keep a check on their calorie consumption, maximum speed achieved during the ride and the amount of CO2 emissions reduced by riding the bike.
Make The Most Of The Discount

The company is presently offering an early bird discount of up to 40% which means that you can save a huge amount of money on a bike that is already very competitively priced.

So, for now, you can book the EUNORAY D6 for €1,160.

Availability In Europe

The final launch date of the bike has still not been disclosed however it is being anticipated that it won’t be far as the company seems determined to enter the market with this inspiring e-bike.

Final Verdict

The EUNORAU D6 is a great product that offers contemporary technology to buyers and that too at an unbeatable price.

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