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Honda & Sony Team Up For A Brighter EV Future

The EV world is seeing a gargantuan increase. This is causing several startups to join this platform.

However, seeing the huge lucrative potential that this segment offers, major players are also jumping on board.

Rumours have been that Apple is already working on its version of the electric vehicle. Therefore, Sony, the Japanese electronics giant doesn’t want to stay behind.

The company has been in the news lately after it announced its latest plans of partnering with Japanese automaker Honda to embark on a journey of the future.

The news was disclosed last Friday and it is being taken as an ambitious plan of the two companies to make the most of each other’s technologies for the purpose. The JV is planned to come into effect this year.

By When Will These EVs Be Available?

This brings us to the question that when will the two companies start offering their EVs?

According to reports, Honda will manufacture the EV whereas Sony will take care of the mobility service platform.

This makes sense because:

– Honda is a renowned name that has been in the field for several decades. By making use of its automotive manufacturing experience, Honda will be able to offer a compelling product;

– Sony has decades of experience in the electronics segment.

The duo is therefore likely to work great and produce impressive results.

What Is Sony Mobility?

For offering state of the art facilities to customers, Sony has created an entirely new company known as Sony Mobility.

This company aims to aid the company’s main set-up in offering technologically advanced systems which will be incorporated in the EVs.

Sony’s Existing EVs

It is worth noting that Sony has already offered two electric vehicles which are:

– Sony Vision-S Sedan;

– Sony Vision-S SUV.

Both these vehicles were recently launched at CES and thus it is expected that despite the partnership with Honda, Sony will continue to offer its existing vehicles. However, none of these vehicles has yet entered the production phase.

The JV between Honda and Sony can play a pivotal role in shaping up the autonomous driving segment.

The advanced sensors developed by Sony will allow Honda to make the most of the best technology available for now.

In this way, drivers will be able to benefit from these driving assist features.

What Does It Mean For Both Companies?

While Honda has done well in terms of ICE sales, the same cannot be said for EVs. Honda has been pushed to the sidelines as major rivals such as Tesla and Volkswagen offer arsenals brimming with cutting-edge technology.

Sony itself is no different. While the company saw massive profits during the heydays, major Korean competitors have made times difficult for the company.

This JV is a ray of hope for both companies. Combined they can not only shape up their future but that of the electric vehicle segment as well.

Final Verdict

With Sony & Honda claiming that the first vehicles will be available by 2025, the companies are already a bit late.

By then Tesla & other automotive giants will be able to further bolster their position in the EV segment. Let’s see how well the JV performs.

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