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New Honda SUV e:Prototype Review

While other automakers have been at the forefront regarding EVs, Honda has been a laggard. However, now the Japanese company seems to have realized the huge chunk of the pie that it is currently missing out on. This is why Honda has revealed its new EV SUV e:Prototype.

Honda EV SUV e:Prototype
What Are Honda’s Plans For The Future?

At the Shanghai Auto Show, Honda revealed its plans of launching 10 new EV models within the next 5 years. This is where the Honda SUV e:Prototype was displayed, which will be the company’s first electric SUV to be sold in China.

A Look-Alike Of The Famous Honda HR-V?

When you see the e:Prototype, you might not feel much difference from the company HR-V model. This is because the two vehicles are quite similar to each other, at least in terms of their exterior looks.

We anticipate that the road version of the vehicle will be much similar to the concept vehicle displayed at the Auto Show.

However, a few aspects of the vehicle which might be changed include the inner headlight design as well as the sleek side mirrors.

EV SUV e concept
The Naming Scheme Is Quite Boring

For the time being, no information on the sale of this electric SUV, or any of the other ten in global markets, has been released.

It is also not certain whether the vehicle will be launched as the electric variant of the HR-V or will it get a new naming scheme.

Why Has It Been Launched In China Before Everywhere Else?

The size of the Honda SUV e:Prototype makes it a great option for the Chinese market in particular. This is true because the sales of such crossovers have recently seen a substantial rise in this market.

Honda knows this pretty well and that’s why the company has decided to offer the Honda SUV e:Prototype to the Chinese market before anywhere else.

Honda hasn’t revealed any information about the specifications of the vehicle for now. That’s why we can’t comment about the range, battery or electric motors of the vehicle.

A Fresh Design

The new design language of the vehicle gives it a refined and contemporary look. The front end ditches any sort of grilles and we completely get it because of the lack of need for air for cooling purposes.

Where Is The Charging Port Located?

The electric charging port is located at the rear of the vehicle under the Honda emblem.

This is a great location for placing the charging port as it keeps it hidden from the eye while completing its function.

A Plethora Of LEDs

As you would expect from a modern vehicle of this type, the Honda SUV e:Prototype is well-illuminated thanks to bars of LEDs at the front. Even the lights wrap the rocker panel giving the vehicle a premium feel.

Honda SUV e:Prototype
Two-Toned Body Paint

What takes the whole design language to the next language is the two-toned body paint. The roof is black while you can choose the body paint for the rest of the vehicle.

Besides this, the chiseled flanks give the Honda SUV e:Prototype an aggressive look that suits the character of the vehicle.

Other Impressive Features

According to reports, the vehicle has Honda’s third-generation Connect system. This means that drivers and passengers will be able to control much of the infotainment system with voice commands.

Some other features that the vehicle will allow include:

  • Over the air software update;
  • Control vehicle functions using a smartphone;
  • Operate home appliances while on the move.
Final Verdict

The Honda SUV e:Prototype looks ready to be launched anytime soon. From what we currently see, it feels like a great vehicle.

Hope you liked this review of the Honda SUV e:Prototype. Stay connected to get more information about this state of the art modern machine.

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