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Is Hongqi The New Rolls Royce?

Hongqi is a Chinese luxury automaker that has been around since 1958 and currently operates under the FAW group.

The manufacturer recently rose to prominence when various videos of its latest E-HS9 full-size luxury SUV became viral all over the internet.

So what does the E-HS9 have to offer? Well, first of all, its looks are reminiscent of Rolls Royce and the uncanny resemblance might be intentional to copy the success of Rolls Royce.

However, the shape of the Hongqi E-HS9 might be its only similarity with a Rolls Royce as the E-HS9 starts at a fraction of what a Rolls Royce costs.

Why Does It Look Like A Rolls Royce?

This brings us to the burning question that why does the new Hongqi E-HS9 resemble a Rolls Royce in its statesman-like design language?

This is clearly because Hongqi hired Giles Taylor as the global vice president of design. He presently also serves as the company’s chief creative officer.

Taylor is important to the design of E-HS9 because before joining Hongqi, he was working for Rolls Royce.

Therefore, he had seen the designs of the new Phantom and Cullinan which put him in a perfect position to design Hongqi’s latest flagship vehicle similar to that of Rolls Royce.

Features Of The Vehicle

The most iconic part of the vehicle’s exterior design is its vertical grill upfront that is made up of 12 bars.

Hongqi E-HS9 in front

With seven different-sized screens, the vehicle as a whole has a distinct appearance.

Hongqi E-HS9 interior

While the E-HS9 will have all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a luxury vehicle of this stature, what sets it apart from the rest of the HS9 lineup is the electric drive terrain.


The base version of the vehicle has twin 160 kW motors, whereas the top tier model has one 160 kW and one 245 kW motor to energize the vehicle.

Battery Packs

The E-HS9 offers two different options to customers: an 84 kWh battery and a larger 99 kWh option.

Hongqi E-HS9 charging

The smaller variant has a range of 396 kilometers, while the top-tier model has a range of 465 kilometers. Further to that, the latest long-range version, E-HS9, promises increased range.

These figures may not be particularly impressive when compared to other EVs from brands such as Tesla and Mercedes, but given that this is Hongqi’s first attempt, chances are the company will improve its performance in the future.

Wireless Charging

Another highlight of the E-HS9 is its wireless charging capability that can completely charge the SUV in as little as 8.5 hours.

Availability In Norway

According to reports, FAW will distribute the Hongqi E-HS9 in Norway through a partnership with Auto Gruppen, a well-known Norwegian auto distributor.

The company has decided to take a top-down approach, offering its flagship model before others to establish its identity as a luxury brand focused on quality and innovation.

But why has Hongqi chosen Norway as the location for the launch in Europe? Well, it is a well-thought-out move by the brand, and Norway has been selected primarily due to the popularity of EVs in the country.

Prices In Norway

The E-HS9 is likely to be offered in three different trims which are Comfort, Premium and exclusive. The prices in local Norwegian currency will be 599,900, 684,900 and 759,900 respectively.

Final Verdict

The E-HS9 is ready to impress customers from Norway with its impressive features and all-electric capabilities.

FAW intends to expand into other European markets in the future, and Norway will serve as a stepping stone to that success.

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