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How CATL Is Developing Industry-First Zero Carbon Batteries

As the world is particularly interested in going green, drastic measures need to be taken when it comes to EV batteries as well. This is why a new debate is currently in circulation which pertains to zero-carbon batteries.
What Is CATL?

CATL which is the acronym for Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. is the largest battery manufacturer in the world. It is located in China and the company is now bragging about developing a zero carbon battery plant in the country.

What Are Zero Carbon Batteries?

These are special batteries that make use of unique measures when it comes to:

– Manufacturing;

– Logistics;

– Transportation.

Doing so makes them capable of getting the PAS 2060 certification on carbon neutrality.

For now, no such plants are under construction anywhere in Europe. However, we believe that this will change soon.

While not much information has yet been provided about this, we expect that the company will not keep its cutting edge discoveries from the media.

Last year the company had announced its plan of investing around €4.51 billion in battery recycling. This shows the level of interest that the company has when it comes to keeping the planet green.

Weibo Page Provides Information About The Facility

CATL announced the news of the setting up of this facility through its Weibo page which is a popular mode of revealing information in China.

It also posted a video that shows not just the company’s factory but also some glimpses of the battery manufacturing process.

However, as all of it is in the Chinese language, not much data can be processed from it. The visual representation however shows that the company is headed in the right direction towards developing zero carbon batteries which seem to be the next big thing in the world of electric vehicles.

Why Is This Latest Step From CATL So Important?

CATL is vital because of the sheer size of the company itself. It is a supplier to several automakers in the world including:



As both these companies produce millions of EVs combined, per year, this latest technology will aid the world in reaching a sustainable future.

How Unique Are Zero Carbon Batteries?

While EVs are not a new technology, the concept of zero carbon batteries is fairly new.

Rather CATL is the first-ever EV battery manufacturer that has realized how important it is to go down this lane.

This means that these batteries are unique to CATL for now. However, this step is likely to act as a harbinger for other companies as well who will also follow suit.

Will Zero Carbon Batteries Be Sustainable?

Yes, these batteries are special in that all material wasted during their production will be recycled. The state of the art CATL technology ensures a precious metal recovery rate of 99.3%. These metals include:

– Nickel;

– Cobalt;

– Manganese.

What Are CATL’s Future Plans?

As mentioned above as well, the company has decided to stay silent about the matter for now. Well, for most cases it has.

However, a quote from CATL reflects the direction in which the company is trying to proceed further.

It states that the recent plant established in the Chinese city of Yibin for zero carbon batteries is the starting point for this technology. This will now lead the company to newer heights in the future.

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