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How Far Can An Electric Car Go?

The EV segment is likely to expand in the upcoming future. According to reports, by 2030, the number of EVs on roads might even cross the 145 million mark. However, one fact that keeps customers from shifting over to the electric platform is their range. Many people have severe issues about how far they can go on their electric cars.

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There are several myths out and this article aims to answer them so if you are looking to make the switch, you can make an educated decision.

How Far Can An Electric Car Go On A Single Charge?

The answer to this question is more perplexing than it may sound. The reason is that just like it’s almost impossible to answer how many kilometers can a gasoline car drive on a full tank, the case with the EVs is the same.

This variation from one vehicle to another is mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Battery Capacity;
  • The output power & torque of the motor;
  • Size of the vehicle;
  • Performance figures.

So, a smaller EV can go farther than a large-sized one with a battery capacity of the same size.

These are just a few of the factors that affect the performance of electric vehicles.

Besides this, several other aspects like the body weight, the material used in construction and the coefficient of drag also drastically affect how far an electric car can go on a single charge.

Electric Car With The Longest Range

As of now, the Lucid Air is the EV that has the longest range. The vehicle can travel up to 837 km on a single charge. This even surpasses the famous Tesla Model S Long Range.

 Electric car Lucid Air has range of 837 km

Lucid is a new entrant in the world of electric vehicles and its impressive performance indicates the potential that this segment offers to startups.

Electric Car With The Lowest Range

The Smart Fortwo EQ has the lowest range. It is a small and adorable vehicle that is perfect for carrying two people in urban usage.

Electric car Smart Fortwo EQ range is 135 km

It has a range of around 135 kilometers however the vehicle can be fully charged within 40 minutes by using its 22 kW charger.

What Is The Average Range Of EVs?

The past decade has seen a drastic improvement in the world of electric vehicles. This is why the average range of these cars has also increased substantially.

In 2011, the average range of electric vehicles was between 101 and 152 kilometers. This was a very small number considering that most users drive their vehicles more than 65 kilometers daily on average.

However, thanks to modern technology, the average range of electric vehicles has now increased to over 312 kilometers.

What Factors Affect The Driving Range Of EVs?

The driving range of EVs is dependent upon a large number of factors. Some of which include:

  • Driving Style: A driver who isn’t too aggressive will get more range than the one who likes to push his EV to the limits;
  • Outdoor Temperature: Batteries drain faster in a colder climate;
  • Features In Use: The more features of an EV you use, the lesser will be the range. So, in case you turn on the climate controls, infotainment system and seat massagers, you will get a much lower range.
Do EVs Lose Range Over Time?

An EV battery is similar to the batteries that we have in our gadgets like smartphones and laptops.

Electric car range

Thus, the batteries of EVs similar to other batteries, lose their ability to hold their charge over time.

However, this reduction is minimal. According to an estimate, electric car batteries lose a range of around 2.3% annually, which is a very small figure.

So, taking this into perspective, if you buy a vehicle with a 500 kilometers range, over the next 5 years its range will become:

  • After 1st Year: 488.5 km;
  • After 2nd Year: 477.2 km;
  • After 3rd Year: 466.2 km;
  • After 4th Year: 455.5 km;
  • After 5th Year: 445 km.
Final Verdict

Apropos above, the technology of EVs is rapidly improving over time and this is why the world is in a bid to quickly switch over to this platform soon.

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