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Hyundai EV Debuts With Ability To Drive Sideways

As more and more manufacturers are joining the EV bandwagon, the chances of companies offering unique vehicles are diminishing with time. 

However, Hyundai is a Korean giant which doesn’t want to lose hope. This is why it is working hard to offer innovative technologies one after the other.

The latest concept known as M.Vision from Hyundai was a major source of attraction at this year’s CES.

What was even better was the fact that the company didn’t offer just the EV model of this concept vehicle. Rather it went a step further and presented the hydrogen-powered vehicle as well.

What Is The Hyundai M.Vision?

It’s a two-seater concept vehicle that offers an entirely new direction to automakers which is to provide drivers with the ability to turn the wheels of their vehicles to an extent that no other vehicle can do for now.

The Hyundai M.Vision could be the path that all automakers will follow in the future. This is mainly because Hyundai has addressed a problem that every urban driver faces every day.

A Groundbreaking Technology

By introducing this revolutionary technology, the company is not only paving the way for a brighter future for itself, but also the automotive industry as a whole.

Customizable Interior

Another unique feature of the Hyundai M.Vision is the ability for drivers to fully customize the interior of their vehicles using a smartphone.

This means that drivers will have access to an additional layer of customization options, which will not only give the vehicle a modern gadget-like feel but will also define how vehicles will look in the future.
E-Module Mode

Hyundai is calling this latest technology as e-module in which each wheel will have independent steering, braking, driving ability and suspension.

This latest development is being dubbed as the future of urban travel. The company claims that due to the tight spots in the inner parts of major cities, most vehicle drivers face a multitude of problems. 

Thus, the e-module will come in handy for maneuvering the vehicles through such tight spots.

The fact that each wheel is independent of the other components distinguishes the e-module from any other existing technology.

This unique design approach enables the system to be more efficient. This is why each wheel can turn up to 90 degrees so tight parking spots which were previously inaccessible with standard cars will now become accessible.
When Will The Hyundai M.Vision Be Available?

Although the vehicle is still in the conception stage, the company has high aspirations and is thus working hard to develop the skateboard chassis by the next year.

Hyundai is also expecting that at the current pace of development, it will be able to develop a fully autonomous version of the M.Vision by 2025.

Final Verdict

When the world’s seventh-largest company, in terms of automotive supplies, claims to be headed in the right direction, we have more than one reasons to believe it.

However, the adoption of the technology will require mega infrastructure changes in manufacturing facilities that will necessitate huge investments.

The Hyundai M.Vision appears to be a fantastic concept. We dearly hope that it becomes a reality so that the world can deal with the ever-increasing problem of congested roads with nowhere to park.

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