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Hyundai Grandeur Luxury Sedan Is Back On Track

The article introduce Hyundai Grandeur latest news regarding its luxury sedan.

While Hyundai has been killing it lately with its premium brand dubbed Genesis, not everyone is impressed enough to enter the luxury segment with an automotive brand with no history.

This opens up new avenues for the parent company Hyundai which is poised to prove that the sedan segment might not be as hot as the SUVs but is still far from seeing its last days.

Hyundai Grandeur Is All Set To Impress

The Hyundai Grandeur which is likely to hit the roads within the next two years has everything that is required from a high-end luxury saloon.

Hyundai Grandeur GN7

The Hyundai Grandeur itself by no means is a new entrant as the vehicle entered the market back in 1986 and with a rich history of more than 35 years, it knows where it is headed.

While there is no confirmed news out there, the latest renders hint at what can be expected from the Korean automaker’s latest offering.

A Unique Mix

The camouflaged vehicle seen in the spy shots prevents us from giving our final verdict about the car which seems to be a mixture of the Hyundai Grandeur history and a modern dash which makes it a unique mixture.
Distinctive & Appealing Design 

The vertical headlights and a large grille with a huge are likely to give the vehicle a distinctive look.

Hyundai Grandeur luxury sedan white colour

The unique design adopted by Hyundai for the Grandeur model might be everything that the market needs to pull back the sales of such big sedans.

Other Hyundai Electric Models To Follow

The CEO of Hyundai’s North American region categorically mentioned last year that the company will offer the Ioniq 6 during the year 2022.

Ioniq 6, A Direct Competitor Of Sonata

Being a mid-sized sedan, it will be a direct competitor to the company’s own Sonata model but the Ioniq 6 will be electric and will thus have an upper edge over the brand’s existing model.

More Comfort For Rear Passengers

The Ioniq 6 will be the second entrant into the EV segment from the company and thus improve on the design of the existing models. The presence of a flat floor ensures that, unlike the Sonata, rear passengers will be more comfortable in sitting.

Further to that, the vehicle runs on an all-electric drivetrain and thus the Ioniq 6 will not have an engine which means that the frunk will offer extra storage space.

A Design That We’re Are Accustomed To

The overall design of the Ioniq 6 might not be considered modern but by following the format that we are already accustomed to, it tries to bring the EV drivetrain to our world with as minimal changes as possible.

Low Center Of Gravity

The Ioniq 6 will feature the Hyundai E-GMP platform which is a unique design that gives the vehicle a low center of gravity due to the smart placement of batteries.

The vehicle will thus corner much more easily as compared to other EVs which usually face a lot of difficulties in doing so.

A video on YouTube already shows an Ioniq 6 in action and thus not much is left behind for imagination when it comes to on-track performance.
Reducing The Drag

The aerodynamic wheels and the replacement of side mirrors with cameras is another sign that Hyundai is doing all it can for reducing the drag force.

New Headlight Technology

Following in the footsteps of Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai has set up its version of headlamps that make use of micro-LED technology.

Final Verdict

The Hyundai Grandeur and Ioniq 6 are great steps from the Korean manufacturer that are aimed at impelling the company in the right direction.

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