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Interesting Facts About EV Cars

Electric cars are quickly becoming a common sight on our roads. The number of electric vehicles (EV) models is increasing, and the cost of ownership is decreasing. But how much info do you really have about these types of cars? Here we will present some exciting EV facts that will change your perspective on this new technology!
What are Electric Cars?

The electric car is one of the latest innovations in the automotive industry, a vehicle that has an entirely different way of powering itself than any car before it. The main difference between an EV and other cars is that instead of using gasoline, they use electricity. The whole energy source for an electric car is provided by batteries that can easily be charged at EV charging stations. Don’t want to go to the station? Plugin the battery into any power outlet at home and start charging! It’s that easy.

Types of Electric Cars

The range of electric cars is different depending on their power source. The power source may be the rechargeable power pack that is inserted into the electric motor. Or it may be a battery that can be recharged externally or internally. There are usually three main types of electric cars using the battery, but other options are available.

– Hybrid Electric Vehicle

– Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

– Battery Electric Vehicle
Interesting Facts Related to EV Cars

Here are some cool facts about electric vehicles. If you’re considering buying an EV, these facts may help sway your decision in their favor.

– The world’s the first electric car was built by English inventor Thomas Parker in 1832. It was capable of reaching a speed of 12 MPH and traveled 40 miles on a single charge.

– Most of the top EV models are from Tesla, but others are from GM, Nissan Leaf, and others.

– Two thousand five hundred men and women tested the original Tesla Roadster for more than a year. The test drivers all enjoyed a free Tesla for a while, while they did their job. We can’t blame them for this test, though. They were paid a lot of money.

EV sales in America are five times higher than gas sales!

– In the United States, EV cars are sent to a charging station not to charge them up but rather to ensure no battery malfunction. When done this way, you can theoretically travel almost 200 miles on a charge of a few hours of charging time. (EVBOX)

Lithium-ion batteries that power EVs do not degrade or suffer from memory effects like regular alkaline or “wet” batteries; they simply stop working eventually. (AFDC)

Final Words

The future is here. EVs are poised to make a substantial impact on our world in the coming years. These cars are not only good for our environment, but they can be an excellent investment for your family as well! So, what are you waiting for? O get yours NOW and have the much-needed fun on the road!

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