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Is The Self-Driving Revolution Approaching Fast?

With the world of automotive making progress by leaps and bounds, we are now seeing technologies that previously seemed impossible.

One of these is the self-driving revolution under which we’ll have cars that will drive for us and we won’t need to undergo the hassle of maneuvering through the heavy traffic.

So what will be the benefits of this self-driving revolution? Here are some of them:

– Increased Safety

Driving will be safer as there will be fewer chances of human error. According to reports, most car accidents take place when drivers do something unexpected.

Self-driving cars will make use of several dynamics at once and the computer’s ability to interpret even the most critical situations in the best way will lead to fewer on-road casualties.

– Ease Of Getting Around

Another major benefit is the allied ease with which people will be able to move from one place to another.

For now, human beings need to learn the driving skill and on average, it takes several years to master it.

Furthermore, parking at tight places is a task even the most skilled drivers find challenging.

However, the self-driving revolution will enable anyone with such a car to go places without being dependent on others.

This will also mean that in cases of emergency, instead of calling an ambulance, such vehicles will be able to drive the passengers quickly & safely.

– More Spare Time Means More Productivity

This revolution will also spare up more time for human beings which they’ll be able to use on other stuff.

For example, while on the move, passengers of such vehicles might be able to answer their emails, read a book or go through an important presentation.
– Fewer Health Issues

Modern-day driving is a challenging experience. It raises blood pressure, puts stress on the driver’s eyes, mind and ears.

Self-driving cars will have advanced specifications which will enable them to make all the decisions on their own. This will reduce or even completely mitigate these health issues.

Which Cars Presently Have Self-Driving Feature?

The Cadillac Escalade is one of the most luxurious SUVs in the world. The fifth edition of the vehicle has been recently announced.

It has a self-driving feature that comes into operation while the vehicle is on the move on the highway.

The vehicle is so advanced that when the hands-free driving capability is turned on and the driver switches on the turn signal, the vehicle automatically changes its lane.

So which are the biggest companies that are interested in adopting the self-driving revolution.

Well, all big guns including Ford, Stellantis & GM are trying to move forward by implementing this technology in their vehicles.

However, no vehicle in the near future seems to offer complete “eyes off” or “mind off” ability.

Some examples of self-driving vehicles that are currently in existence include:

– Driverless minibus in Switzerland;

– Driverless taxi in Singapore;

– Waymo automated taxi service in the US.

Final Verdict

We currently have no information about when completely self-driving vehicles will be launched. This is why we can’t comment about their price, specifications and availability in Europe.

However, one thing is for certain these vehicles are the future of the automotive world.

Just like two decades ago, the EV segment was nowhere to be seen and is presently ruling the world, the self-driving revolution will completely change the dynamics of business for this industry.

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