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Kia EV9 Electric SUV Confirmed For 2023

As the electric segment is progressing by leaps and bounds, more and more companies are launching new EV models.

Kia has been performing exceptionally well for the past few years. The EV6 is thought to be the best electric vehicle in the world by several industry experts.

This has raised the company’s confidence in launching another EV that was recently revealed in the company’s new strategic plan.

What Does Kia’s New Strategic Plan Have To Offer?

The plan is important because Kia is now aiming to launch as many as 14 fully electric vehicles by 2027. Further to that, the company is also targeting sales figures of 1.2 million by 2030.

The plan further suggests that the Korean automaker will add two new EVs to its fleet each year.

It is worth noting that the Kia EV9 was first presented as a concept at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The EV9, unlike the EV6, is going to be big. From the concept, we know that it will be around 5 meters in length which makes it perfect to have a lot of passenger space and legroom.

Design of Kia EV9

The Kia EV9’s design language is likely to follow the tiger-nose styling and front grille that has become the brand’s signature aesthetic.

According to the images, the EV9’s front end is extremely impressive. The vehicle has a boxy overall design that is inspired by the Kia Telluride, which has received a positive market response.


The vehicle’s interior also follows the pattern of the exterior. It carries a contemporary design that features a massive 68,6 cm display.
Battery Capacity & Range

While the battery capacity of the vehicle remains veiled, the range is expected to be around 540 km. This means that the new EV9 will be able to easily seat 5 adults and go a long distance before requiring a recharge.

How Quick Will It Be?

So, what kind of acceleration can be expected from a big electric SUV? We don’t know much about this for now as not many companies have offered such vehicles in the past.

The EV9 however is likely to boast 0 to 96 kph in around 5 seconds. This makes it quite imposing.

Fast Charging Supported

It is also likely to have a fast charging feature. This translates to charging the vehicle for up to 100 km in just 6 minutes.

Besides this, the EV9 owner will be able to charge it from 10% to 80% in between 20 to 30 minutes.

Special Features Of Kia EV9

Here are some of the cutting edge features that the new EV9 is likely to include:

– Over The Air Software Updates;

– Feature On Demand;

– AutoMode Autonomous Driving.

Why Is The AutoMode Pivotal?

The company is claiming that with the AutoMode feature, the new EV9 will be able to drive on several highway sections without driver interference.


The Kia EV9 will be another vehicle making use of the E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform). This technology has already been used in the Kia EV6.
Availability In Europe

This leads to the next question when will the Kia EV9 be available in Europe?

The company hasn’t announced any region-wise date for the launch and thus it is expected to make its appearance in Europe as well by 2023.


No information has now been provided regarding the pricing of the new Kia EV9.

Final Verdict

The Kia EV9 seems to be a promising vehicle. If the company can launch it globally by next year, the sales figures of Kia EVs is expected to hit big numbers.

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