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Kia Market Growth In Europe

Kia has experienced an excellent growth in the European market in the year 2021. As per the data released recently by the esteemed ACEA or European Automobile Manufactures’ Association, it clearly showcased an exponential market penetration of over 4% in 2021 which is 1% more than the market share of 2020 of the entire European market.

Moreover, Kia market has experienced a spectacular sales growth of over 6% in the third quarter.

Many experts vouch for this growth and hence, in this article we will provide a detailed analysis of the future of Kia and how it benefits its investors in the long run.

Emergence Of The Kia

Established in 1944, Kia Corporation is Korea’s oldest automobile manufacturer. Kia’s journey has been challenging but spectacular from bicycle manufacturer to Hyundai partnered Automotive Group.

In the past 77 years Kia has grown to be the fifth largest automobile manufacturer and today it has announced the launch of its new all electric model EV9.

Kia EV9 is the flagship SUV model and is planned to launch in the year 2023. The automobile manufacturer promised to approximately 540 kilometer range on a single charge. Additionally, the EV9 model will come with the acceleration of 0-60 mph within 5 seconds.
Future Of Kia Electric Vehicle Segment

Kia has begun to expand its portfolio to Electric Vehicle segment quite aggressively. Its recent announcement of launching 11 electric vehicles by 2027.

Plus, with Kia’s futuristic sales target of over 800,000 units by 2026 and its plan to manufacture these EV’s in European nation, it is at an excellent position to meet the growing demand of Electric vehicles in Europe.

Kia’s attractive designing and technology incorporation in the recently launched cars has already won many hearts. Therefore, it won’t be far-fetched to assume that we are yet to witness the exponential growth of the company in the coming future.

Conclusively, Kia’s strategic market penetration and unmatched quality has placed it at an excellent position where it definitely dominates the old and the new players alike.

Considering the historical growth and future potential, Kia is all prepared to provide its investors exponential returns.

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