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Learn More Why E-Bikes Are The Future Of Urban Mobility

E-bikes are the future of urban mobility and the trend of shifting over to the two wheelers is not just confined to the third world countries anymore. Rather many US and European cities are now offering special incentives and options to these riders.


Several cities now have ride sharing facilities and some have even gone as far as setting up separate lanes for these two wheelers.

What Is Fueling The Drive To Switch?

What is fueling this drive of shifting over from the comfort of a closed cabin car to the relatively not so comfortable posture that a bike or an e-bike offers?

Reasons Are Varied

When it comes to the shift to the two-wheeler segment, there are several motivators, such as the ability to maneuver through congested urban roads in less time for getting get to desired locations in less time.

However, when discussing only e-bikes, the number of motivators become lesser.

The first and most important of which is still to reduce the environmental impact of internal combustion engines. So, while EVs are already doing a great job at it, electric bikes require even less power and thus are more environmentally friendly even when compared to electric vehicles.

Global Share Of E-Bikes

In 2017 alone, the US market saw an increase of 25% in the sales of e-bikes as compared to the last year. 

Even Europe & China have widely accepted this mode of transportation and with an estimated global sales figure of 40 million to be hit in the near future, the e-bikes segment is booming.

E-Bikes Situation In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is currently ranked as the world’s most bike-loving country, and in recent years, the trend has shifted so dramatically that one in every three bikers now owns an electric bike there as well.

This demonstrates how widely e-bikes have infiltrated this segment, which is likely to become the biggest competitor to electric vehicles in the future and may even surpass them in sales due to their low ownership and maintenance costs.

The trend has already shifted, with forecasts now indicating that the number of e-bikes sold in Europe in 2019 was 3.7 million, but by 2030, it is expected to exceed 17 million annually.


The European cycling market has already surpassed the €18.3 billion mark, and e-bike production in the region has surpassed the 80% figure.

Situation In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is another European city that has embraced the one bike per person concept, with 41 percent of all office workers commuting by bike.

Benefits Of E-Bikes

While biking is good for the health and keeps riders active, e-bikes have the added benefit of allowing all types of people to ride to their intended destination even if they cannot afford to paddle.


These bikes’ zero CO2 emissions make them even more enticing to those who are taking steps to save the planet.


A single EV’s parking spot can accommodate up to 10 e-bikes, which means that it solves the problem of public parking shortage.


E-bikes of all sizes and designs are in high demand in Europe, as long as they have a good enough battery to last several days on a single charge.

Final Verdict

E-bikes are the future, and this is not a bold claim; rather, it is a global fact supported by evidence from around the world.

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