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Looking For An Adventure? See This Polarna M4 Electric Bike

While the world is crazy for electric cars, not much focus is being put into electric bikes but the Polarna M4 bike is special as it is one of the segment leaders in terms of the excitement along with the fun it delivers.

The Design Is Bland

At first glance, the bike may not appear to be noteworthy rather its unobtrusive design may even cause it to go unnoticed at first but once you know the details, you can’t get enough of it.

What Makes The Polarna M4 Bike So Special?

Well for starters, it is fast and can go off-road mainly because of its fat tires. In addition to this, normally bikes of this type cost upwards of the 1,700 Eur mark but the Polarna comes at a fairly reasonable price of 1,222 Eur.

Unlike other bikes, which force you to ride in the slow lane the Polarna M4 allows you to keep up with the traffic which makes it a particularly hot product.

Another feature that makes the Polarna M4 much better than the competitor products is that it comes standard with the carrier at the back as well as fenders and as this stuff is normally separately charged it is big deal that the company has decided to offer it for free with the bike.


The rear side of the bike houses a 750 Watt motor which ensures that it never feels underpowered which is a great feeling to have especially on a bike.

The Polarna M4’s wheels are of extremely high quality, so you can go off-roading without fear of injuring yourself due to a damaged wheel.

How Fast Can It Go?

Going off-road and doing it at a fast pace seems quite enthralling, doesn’t it? So, how fast can the bike actually go?

With a top speed of 51,5 km/h, the M4 is fast enough to get you to places, it offers you the two-wheel off-roading experience you always dreamed of but never had.

Who Is It Good For?

This is an important question as it is vital to know which segment the Polarna M4 targets.

It’s basically for anyone who wants to spice up their life a little, this is because the Polarna M4 will not disappoint anyone looking to go off-road in style or up a trail on a bike.

Load It Up On Your Truck Or RV

Furthermore, for those who simply want to mount it on their pickup trucks or RVs in order to go the extra kilometer on those narrow roads and bumpy terrains, the Polarna M4 bike is the best option.

Digital Display

The bike has a colored digital display just like a motorbike would have which enables you to keep track of how fast you’re riding the M4, in addition to which it features the total duration of the ride and the distance covered in the current trip.


The remaining battery percentage is useful as it is an electric bike and this feature prevents you from getting stuck somewhere with no battery power.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Polarna M4 is an excellent electric bike as it not only has lower price when compared to competitors, but it also has all of the bells and whistles that such electric bikes have.

This means that owners will not have to make any compromises, thanks to the high production standards of Polarna.

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