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Lucid Air Dream Edition R Review

This article delves to the specifications of Lucid Air Dream Edition R.

If you’re fond of electric vehicles, it is impossible that you aren’t aware of Lucid Air. This vehicle from a US-based new automaker is one of the Tesla Model S rivalling sedans that offers great range and imposing performance.

The Lucid Air Dream has a performance version that has a staggering 829 kW motor. However, if you want to have a better range, you will need to go for the Range variant.

How Far Will It Get You?

This model has a relatively smaller motor and thus produces 720 kW power. However, thanks to the instantaneous power, it is still pretty fast.

To improve the range, the vehicle is available as a rear-wheel driven option only and thanks to a huge battery of 113 kWh, you get a range of 837 kilometers.

This is something not even achievable by the highly acclaimed Tesla Model S Long Range which tops out around two hundred kilometers before this.


The price of the Lucid Air Dream Edition R is €159,420 (£135,570) which is a lot of money but then you get a lot of car as well.

I won’t say that the price is justifiable as I believe no vehicle is good enough to cost more than a house, but still, the Lucid Air Dream Edition R is one of the best vehicles out there at the moment.

Motor Trend Car Of The Year 2022

The Lucid Air Dream Edition has the honor that the highly much-admired automotive platform Motor Trend has regarded it as the Car of The Year for 2022.


The car is stunning on the outside. It isn’t like anything we’ve seen before this.

The vehicle is huge which gives it immense road presence but the best part of the design language is that it doesn’t resemble any vehicle currently on the market or one that has ever existed before this.

Lucid Air Dream Edition R on the way range

This is a big thing to achieve and that too with an EV which has to look sporty, classy and futuristic at the same time.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition R has everything that a vehicle requires to turn heads and deliver optimal performance when needed.

Drive Modes

The vehicle has three different drive modes which are known as:

  • Smooth;
  • Swift;
  • Sprint.

It also has a launch control which gives it a great start every time. This means that you will surely feel the thrust when you push the pedal. However, the vehicle has to be in Sprint mode for making use of this feature.

When operating in the other two modes, the vehicle’s motor is limited to 500 kW which still enables it to deliver exceptional performance but gives the ability to get more range.

How Does The Interior Feel?

When on the inside of your Lucid Air Dream Edition R, you will feel the comfort level that has previously been linked to the Mercedes Benz S Class and BMW 7 Series flagship vehicles.

Lucid Air Dream Edition R interior look

That’s because the Lucid Air Dream Edition R is loaded with top-notch materials and the huge screens give it an upscale feel right from the start.

Storage Space

The Lucid Air Dream Edition R has a storage space of 738 liters which means that no matter how long your road trip is, you will always have plenty of storage space.

Lucid Air Dream Edition R storage
Availability In Europe

The vehicle is only available in the US market for now. We have no news about availability in Europe but as Lucid is working on setting up its factory in Saudi Arabia, it won’t be long before Lucid makes its entry into Europe as well.

Final Verdict

The Lucid Air Dream Edition R has set a new path in terms of EV range. The vehicle has set the benchmark for others to follow. This is why it has been in the news ever since its launch.

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