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Lucid Motors To Launch Luxury Sedans In Europe

Lucid is a luxury electric vehicle manufacturer that has offered amazing luxury sedans to customers in the North American market. However, there are reports that Lucid Motors is now eyeing the European market. This is being done to expand the production as well as to get more sales figures.

Lucid Motors factory
Where Will Lucid Vehicles Be Launched In Europe?

So, where in Europe is Lucid Motors planning to launch its luxury sedans? Well, for now, it has plans of exploring the EV market in the following countries:

  • Germany;
  • Norway;
  • Switzerland;
  • The Netherlands.

It is to be kept in mind that these are some of the richest countries in the world. Besides this, EV adoption is particularly high in these nations.

That’s why several other EV manufacturers even from China have chosen them as the starting point for their sales.
When Does The Company Plan To Launch In Europe?

If everything goes according to plans, the launch in Europe should happen by the end of the current year. This might be a very difficult feat considering that we are already halfway through this year.

However, Lucid seems confident in its claims and thus we believe that it has a solid plan up its sleeves.

What Are The Prospects Of Lucid Motors In Europe?

Lucid Motors has great potential to excel in the European market. We say so because Europe is famous for its luxury vehicles and Lucid is setting new standards with its modern machine that are dripping with extravagance and comfort.

The GDP per capita of most European countries is the highest in the world which renders such customers more likely to go for an expensive luxury EV as compared to most other parts of the world.

Besides this, Lucid has also set itself up as a great EV brand and thanks to its remarkable technology, it delivers superior performance.

Lucid Motors Munich studio inside
Which Cars Are Planned To Be Sold In Europe?

The company plans to sell two models of its vehicles in Europe which are:

  • Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance;
  • Lucid Air Dream Edition Range.
How Much Would The Vehicles Cost?

The company has announced that the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance & Lucid Air Dream Edition Range variants will cost German customers around €218,000 (£185,150).

The vehicles will have the following prices in the other three European countries:

  • Netherlands: €218,000 (£188,500);
  • Switzerland: €190,500 (£161,800);
  • Norway: €181,100 (£154,000).

This is a huge sum of money but for those who want the perfect blend of opulence and performance, the price seems reasonable.

That’s because you get the comfort of a Mercedes S class while the performance can easily put even a Ferrari to shame.

Are There Any Plans To Starting Production In Europe?

For now, Lucid Air has no plans of starting production in Europe. However, in the future, the company might think about this.

Lucid Motors Munich studio outside

For now, it is looking to set up its production facility in Saudi Arabia which is another rich country with residents having deep pockets.

Why Are The Cars Of Lucid Motors So Expensive?

Lucid is no ordinary automaker, rather it is a luxury EV brand that has been able to set itself as a brand for the affluent.

The highly advanced vehicles of Lucid Motors have all the modern features that you would expect from a luxury car.

Besides this, these vehicles have mesmerizing performance figures with the top model bragging of a momentous power figure of 828 kW.

All these specifications make the cars of Lucid Motors super expensive.

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