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Maserati Will Return To Racing In 2023 With Its EV

Maserati is a distinguished Italian automaker that has offered high-end vehicles to the world for several decades.
Maserati’s Entry Into ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

Big news for Maserati fans came recently when the company announced its plans of becoming the first-ever Italian automaker to enter the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship however Maserati plans to do so after the year 2023.

It is worth noting here that the ABB FIA Formula E is the world’s first championship to arrange a track racing event just for the EVs.

Maserati feels rejuvenated by making its return to the track after a long break of 13 years and is even more thrilled to now put its EVs to the test.
Which Maserati Models Will Eligible?

This leads to the question that which models of the Italian racing brand will be compatible for the event?

Maserati takes pride in assuring that the company will be one of the first few to offer a wide array of vehicle models for the race. 

Some of the company’s models that align with the needs of the event include the MC20, GranCabrio, GranTurismo and Grecale.
Gen3 Model Ready To Surprise The Audience

Maserati is all set to take on Season 9 thanks to its cutting edge Gen3 model which is not only lighter and more powerful than any vehicle that has ever been featured in the Formula E racing event but will also be the fastest.

Claims Of Maserati’s CEO

Even the Maserati CEO seems captivated by the event and claims that the brand is the protagonist in the field of track racing and is now striving hard to take back its position as one of the industry leaders.

Stellantis Also Had Its Say 

Stellantis Motorsports has also had a main role in putting Maserati where it belongs. This is why the company’s Senior Vice President also expressed his feelings of joy to see the brand flourish.

What Does Formula E Founder Think About This?

It is not just Maserati and its partners that are excited by this news rather the founder and chairman of Formula E also welcomed Maserati. He further described that the event is the pinnacle of achievement for the electric segment.
A Dazzling Racing Heritage

Maserati set on its journey of excellence almost a century ago with its Tipo 26 model which soon got several accolades for the brand.

Maserati’s MC12 also won a total of 22 races and 14 titles and since then the company has been trying to make its way back to the track but has been failing badly at it.

Maserati Stepping Up The Game With Autonomous Skills

Maserati wants to become one of the world-leading automakers by following in the footsteps of successful automakers. For this reason, the company is determined to offer its vehicles with Level 2 autonomous driving skills.
Level 3 Autonomous Driving Coming Soon

It has also been highlighted that the company might soon also upgrade its technology to Level 3 autonomous driving skills. This means that drivers will be able to even get their hands off the steering wheels.

But when will this technology land in the market is still not certain. This capability will allow the vehicles to change lanes on their own as well as stop the vehicle in case it detects an obstruction. 

Final Verdict

The latest development is likely to benefit not only Maserati but also the world of electric vehicles. So let’s hope for the best.

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