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Meet The New Lotus Eletre Hyper SUV Aka Type 132

The electric segment is rolling at the moment. This is why more and more companies are joining the bandwagon. Lotus Cars is one such brand from the United Kingdom that has recently unveiled its highly anticipated EV SUV. The vehicle had previously been dubbed the Type 132 but now it has been renamed Eletre.

This follows the company’s tradition of naming its vehicles starting with the alphabet E.

The brand’s MD called it a momentous point in the history of the automaker as this marks its entry into the electric domain.

It is also to be noted here that this is the first time in the company’s history that it has offered an SUV.

Lotus has gone as far as calling it the first hyper SUV in the world. This is a big claim which is why this article delves into the specifics of this modern-day machine.

Based On Electric Premium Architecture

The new Lotus Eletre will be based on the Electric Premium Architecture. This is unique in that it is an 800 Volt technology.

Huge Battery Pack

The Lotus Eletre has a battery bank of over 100 kWh which guarantees that the vehicle can travel long distances between charges.

The company is yet to reveal the exact power figure that will be available to customers.

Powerful Motors For Impressive Performance

The Lotus Eletre will have a pair of motors. One of them will be present on the front axle whereas the other one will power the rear wheels. This AWD approach will give the SUV a modern stance and great power delivery.

How Powerful Is The Lotus Eletre?

The company is claiming 442 kW power through these two motors. This is an inspiring figure which is what you expect from a vehicle that is being called the world’s first hyper SUV.

Although no details have yet been provided, rumours have it that Lotus has plans regarding launching a performance variant that will feature even more power.

The exact duration of acceleration from 0 to 97 kph has not yet been disclosed but it will be below the 3-second mark.

This is particularly impressive considering that the Eletre is a huge SUV and propelling it from a standstill to such a high speed in such a short interval is remarkable.

Lotus Is Trying To Keep The Eletre Lightweight

Lotus has also been concerned about keeping a check on the overall curb weight of the vehicle. This is especially difficult for the Lotus Eletre because of its electric nature.

The hefty EV batteries make the vehicle bulky but Lotus has put some serious thought into it.

One such example is the three in one motor system of the SUV. This comprises the following parts:

  • Motor;
  • Controller;
  • Reducer.

The use of high-end materials is another effective method that Lotus has adopted for the Eletre.

Several components have been made of carbon fibre which although is expensive but Lotus has not been thrifty in this regard. Rather it has focused entirely on performance.


The Lotus Eletre has a modern shape and the aerodynamics of the vehicle help in reducing the drag force.

Resultantly, it can travel up to a range of 600 km on a single charge. This is also an imposing figure which goes well with the character of the vehicle.

Another aspect in which the Lotus Eletre takes the lead from other EVs is its charging technology.

It can charge at up to 350 kW and the fast charging feature enables it to add a range of 400 km with just 20 minutes of charging.

The price of the Lotus Eletre is a major setback for the vehicle. Although it is a hyper SUV, still the price is something that will keep buyers away from it.

This is because the company has placed a tag of around €100,000 on the vehicle. As Lotus doesn’t have the brand presence of Ferrari or Lamborghini, it will be difficult to sell such an expensive Lotus EV SUV.

Final Verdict

While the vehicle, in general, seems pretty promising, the price is exorbitantly high. This is something that will go against it and will surely keep buyers from placing orders.

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