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Electric Mercedes Benz eVito Van Review

The electric platform is now swiftly making its way to the commercial segment and the latest van from Mercedes Benz eVito is a perfect example.

Mercedes Benz eVito van while charging

This is not the first time that an electric variant of a commercial van has been presented to the public as the Citroen e-Dispatch and Vauxhall Vivaro-e are already serving the customers of this platform.

The Range Isn’t Impressive

This latest offering from Mercedes Benz will have a range of 260 kilometers which might not sound too impressive because we are normally accustomed to over 320 kilometers per charge on EVs.

However, it is vital to remember that the Mercedes Benz eVito is a commercial van that, unlike passenger cars, will carry a significant load.

How Is It Different?

The Mercedes Benz eVito van by the MB brand has proven its worth globally and now its electric variant is all set to create a fan base of its own.

Powered by a 85 kW motor, the van is expected to have sufficient power to carry loads with ease.

However, due to the added weight of the battery, the overall payload capacity of the eVito is lesser than the standard variant.

Mixed Feedback Puts The Mercedes Benz eVito In Limelight

According to some experts, by adding a relatively smaller battery bank of 66kWh, Mercedes has not delivered up to the expectations and this is why the vehicle’s range tops out at just 260 kilometers.

Rapid Charging Option Is Available But Is It Enough?

Although the option of rapid charging exists, still the worry of going low on charge will constantly be lurking in the minds of most transports while using the Mercedes Benz eVito.


The rapid charge feature enables the eVito to power up from 10% to 80% within 35 minutes. However, this is possible only under perfect charging conditions.

Stopovers Might Not Be Optional Anymore

According to the company, by making a short stopover at a point where the rapid charging system is available, the van’s range can be further increased by as much as 170 kilometers.

Mercedes Benz eVito van charging socket
What Makes The Mercedes Benz eVito Special?

The van’s recuperation mode is a great feature that puts the drivers in command as they can choose the level of brakes required for the regenerative mode.

For this purpose, paddles have been fitted near the steering wheel.

DAuto Helps Mercedes Benz eVito Take The Reigns

The van’s DAuto mode is a real game-changer as it is an advanced system that automatically decides whether at any specific moment, using the low power mode is a better option or whether decelerating to recharge the battery will be more fruitful.

Charging Times On A Standard Charger

The bad news is that a standard three-pin charger takes 20 hours to fully charge the vehicle’s battery and as a result, everyone who buys a Mercedes Benz eVito will opt for the rapid charging option, which comes with an extra cost charge.

When Will It Be Available?

The Mercedes Benz eVito isn’t a distant dream that will require several years to become a reality. Rather, interested buyers can go and buy one right away.

Mercedes Benz eVito van
How Much Does The Mercedes Benz eVito Cost?

The price of the eVito is a debatable topic as the vehicle starts from €62,500 (£53,055) and that too before VAT.

Final Verdict

While the Mercedes Benz eVito has several features that could have been better than what they presently are, including its limited range, it is still a great step in the right direction from the German luxury automaker.

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