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Mercedes-Benz Is Shaping The Future

In the automotive industry, the world is rapidly moving toward innovation. As a result, many well-known brands have recognized that this is their opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Mercedes-Benz, the German luxury automaker, is no exception.

It is also worth noting that customers have more options than ever before in the field of luxury automobiles. This is why they now want to go for the options that offer the most benefits.

Intelligent Park Technology – Is This The Future Of Parking?

Mercedes recently underwent collaboration with Bosch. Combined, the two giants are aiming at achieving newer heights in the field of automated valet parking.

This is not just a concept, rather in a recent event, a Mercedes EQS displayed the company’s progress by parking itself in the garage of the InterContinental, Los Angeles.

Mercedes also held an Innovation & Technology day lately. This was organized with the intent to give us all a glimpse at what the company aims for our future to look like.

This day was particularly special because Mercedes had its VISION EQXX Concept EV on display. The tangible form of the car removed any doubts that reporters from around the world previously had.

What Made The VISION EQXX Concept Model Special?

The one feature that enabled the vehicle to stand out was its navigation system. Its key features are:

– The system has been developed by using a gaming engine, sounds surprising? Well, that’s because it is. This is the first time in the entire history of the car industry that an automaker has gone down this lane;

– A 3D navigational environment will provide a foretaste into the future for the VISION EQXX drivers.

What Is Mercedes Aiming To Do With The EXQQ In The Future?

The company is planning to take the vehicle from its current location to somewhere in France.

This is being done to showcase its 1,000 km range. Besides this, Mercedes is confident about its claim of 95% battery efficiency.
The EQE Is Another Great Vehicle

Similar to EQS, the relatively smaller EQE is also equipped with the 56-inch humongous display upfront. This gives the vehicle’s cabin vehicle an upscale feeling.

The best part of this display is that the passenger side can be independently operated.

Biological Reading Technologies

Mercedes has introduced an entirely new dimension in the EQE. This technology senses when the driver’s ears are distracted from the road and then blocks out the audio content for him.

This is a great attempt from Mercedes to ensure the safety of everyone in the car.

Not Yet Available To Be Driven

A real bummer however was the fact that the vehicle is not yet available to be driven anywhere. Here are some of the sensors of the car in a pictorial form:
Incorporation Of DISTRONIC

DISTRONIC is the autonomous driving mode from Mercedes which allows drivers to maintain a predefined distance from the front vehicle.

This is in addition to other features such as:

– Active Steering;

– Lane Keep.

DRIVE PILOT Is Futuristic

The DRIVE PILOT mode of Mercedes-Benz is highly advanced as it makes use of a plethora of modern-day technological advancements such as:

– Lidar;

– Cameras;

– Stereo Sensors;

– Microphones.

This system is presently available for use at speeds up to 65 kph.
First-Ever Level-3 Compliant Autonomous Driving System

This is the world’s first system to comply with the international UN-R157. This allows conditional autonomous driving in the European Union.

With approximately 13,000 km of highway already approved for its use, the DRIVE PILOT is the future of motor driving.

Final Verdict

Mercedes has always been known for its innovative technologies. The company is working hard to stay on the top of the ladder by offering advanced technologies unlike anyone else.

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