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Mercedes Has Announced News About Its Electric Drivetrain Development From 2024

Mercedes-Benz is now trying to develop a full-on manufacturing setup where it will produce electric powertrains on its own.

The news was announced by Daimler’s Head of the department in a meeting with a German automotive news agency.

This major step aims to mainly reduce the company’s dependency on third parties. 

Current Suppliers Of Mercedes Benz

This brings us to the next question about who is presently supplying the electric powertrains to the German automotive giant that is known around the world for its state of the art vehicles and innovative approach. 

Presently the powertrains of different EVs of the company are supplied by the following companies:

– ZF Friedrichshafen offers powertrains for the EQC SUV;

– Valeo Siemens eAutomotive offers powertrains for the EQS.
Why is Mercedes Going Down This Lane?

Other than reducing its reliance on third-party manufacturers, Mercedes is trying to develop an in-house electric powertrain manufacturing unit for controlling the overall system of its power electronics, batteries and electric motors.

This is an attempt by the luxury automotive brand to align its electric segment with its conventional manufacturing setup.

The company is already trying to collaborate with a start-up dubbed Yasa, to develop high-performance motors.

When Will The New Powertrain Appear?

It is anticipated that the company will start its in-house production of electric powertrains sooner rather than later.

Many experts believe that this might happen by 2024 mainly because the company has already announced that by 2025, 50% of all its models will be based on the electric powertrain.

Mercedes EQXX Powertrain

EQXX seems to be the holy grail of EV technology as it claims to have a range of 620 miles.

The company’s bold claims of the EQXX powertrain entering production by 2024 have also sparked interest in the field.

In-House Development By Mercedes

The powertrain as well as the high-density battery of the EQXX has been developed in-house by the German luxury automotive brand.

The battery with its silicon carbide anodes is the trailblazer in the segment. Mercedes claims that the technology will soon be offered in other MB models as well which will completely revolutionize the segment by offering EV ranges, far higher than what we currently have.

Radial Flux Motor

The 201 hp motor on the EQXX is a radial flux device that is a first for the brand and the segment. 

This motor had been developed even before Mercedes acquired Yasa which reveals that the company is too invested in the segment.


While the motor of the EQXX only provides power to the rear wheels, the company is working on models where another similar motor will power the front wheels as well.

Noticeably Impressive Performance

The primary aim of EQXX has been efficiency and thus with a top speed of just 140 km/h, the car has a mind-boggling 1,000 kilometers range. 

It is being claimed that despite the impressive range, the EQXX will be able to hit the 0 to 97 km/h mark in an impressive 7 seconds.

Final Verdict

The latest news from Mercedes-Benz to develop its electric powertrains in-house is a welcome step for those having high hopes for this aspiring brand.

However, only time will tell when the company is successful in materializing this concept.

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