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Mob-Ion Introduces Hydrogen Electric Scooter Prototype Made In France

The Mob-Ion is the latest addition to the two-wheel segment which just like the EV technology seems determined to play its role in making the planet a greener place to live.

The company is delighted to announce that the Mob-Ion is a made-in-France contemporary scooter, which, unlike many other Asian products, manifests premium build quality and guarantees excellent service. 

AFNOR Accreditation

The Mob-Ion proudly announces that it is AFNOR accredited which means a big deal as this is one of the most difficult to obtain certifications in this segment. This speaks highly of the premium quality that the product possesses. 

It is worth noting that according to the stringent requirements of obtaining the AFNOR accreditation, at least 50% of the product and its components have to be made in France.

The electric scooter is exceedingly reliant on its motor so mentioning it is a crucial part of any Mob-Ion AM1 electric scooter.

The motor on the scooter might seem small with just 3kW power but what sets it apart from others is that this motor will be powered by hydrogen cells.

This technology makes the scooter different from what is already being offered in the market.

Furthermore, we need to remember that it is a small scooter that will mostly be used as a mode of transportation for just a single person.

This motor will thus provide adequate performance and being relatively less in power, the range is also quite imposing.

How Far Will It Take You On A Single Charge?

The range of 195 km is pretty impressive particularly considering that the Mob-Ion AM1 electric scooter will be mainly used for urban travelling in which case the charging will be sufficient even for a week of riding.
When Will It Be Available?

Although potential buyers have high hopes for the brand and the scooter, it still seems to be a distant dream which might not be a good sign for Mob-Ion. 

The electric scooter industry, following in the footsteps of electric vehicles is now gaining quick momentum but the use of hydrogen cells might be a ray of hope for the Mob-Ion AM1.

It is worth remembering that even if the electric scooter segment is already teeming with several options, the hydrogen cell technology is still pretty new. 

However, the question as to whether or not customers will be interested in this technology remains unanswered.

Prototype To Be Seen Soon

While the fully working prototype of the scooter might be just a few months away, the release is expected to take place in 2023.

Final Verdict

The Mob-Ion AM1 might be a fascinating product for those who want to specifically buy a French hydrogen-powered scooter. 

However, as the market has so many electric options to offer, with many of them being too compelling due to their lower price tags, the Mob-Ion AM1 will have to fight with well-set players.

How far the company will be able to go is still a question that only time can answer, but for now, just like many aficionados, let’s have high expectations from the brand. 

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