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Look At Tesla Model 3 As A 6-Ton Electric Tank

We often hear about projects that make little to no sense but are still carried out by enthusiasts in a bid to gain fame. A similar instance happened lately in which a Tesla Model 3 vehicle was converted into a 6-ton electric tank. The chain tracks of this mammoth render it capable of overcoming all sorts of off-roading obstacles, no matter what.

Tesla Model 3 as a 6-ton electric tank
Is It Momentous For Offroading Electric Machines?

This opens up the avenues for off-roading machines to go all-electric. In the future, all vehicles regardless of whether they operate on the tarmac or not will be converted to the electric platform.

Thus some fans of the EV segment are appreciating this recent conversion of a Model 3 vehicle to an electric tank.

Who Executed This Project?

The project was carried out in Germany where a bunch of die-hard Tesla fans. They have undertaken it as a venture for their YouTube channel. You can check it out here.

How Long Did It Take?

The project took four weeks to complete. Most of this time was spent on the heavy-duty metal chain tracks which weigh around 1.3 tons.

Impressive Ground Clearance

The result of the effort is one of its kind. We say so because there’s no way any EV manufacturer is going to come up with an off-roading machine with 79 cm of ground clearance.

Tesla Model 3 as a 6-ton electric tank (1)

And no matter what type of ground terrain you want to explore, nothing is stopping you. That’s because you don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s tires getting damaged.

What takes the project to another level is the front winch of the Tesla Model 3 tank. The 6-ton capacity means that even if it gets stuck, the owners will be able to pull it out with ease.

What Makes The Model 3 So Popular?

The Tesla Model 3 is a highly revered vehicle which is the global bestselling EV for the past several years.

High Material Quality

It is the cheapest vehicle from Tesla but nothing about the vehicle feels substandard.

Tesla Model 3 interior

The interior of the car has a minimalist yet futuristic design whereas the exterior looks are a bit bland which helps in making it an ageless design that Tesla can use for a long time, without any upgrades.

Interior Comfort Is Exemplary

The interior comfort of the vehicle makes it a direct competitor of different Mercedes, BMW and Audi vehicles.

Here’s How The Tesla Model 3 Performs

The top variant of the Model 3 can accelerate from a standstill to 97 kph in less than 3.5 seconds which shows the amount of power that this modern machine has. Even the entry-level car does 0 to 97 kph below 6 seconds.

How Far Can It Take You & At What Maximum Speed?

Besides this, the electric range is another important factor to consider while making an EV purchase. The Model 3 has a 580 km maximum range which gives it an upper edge over all of its competitors in this price range.

Tesla Model 3 in nature

The vehicle has a top speed of 233 kph due to its powerful motor. However, we recommend that the vehicle be driven within the permissible speed at all times.

Final Verdict

While Tesla in itself has no connection with this 6-ton tank project, still the vehicle chosen by the enthusiasts for their project shows their confidence in the Tesla Model 3.

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