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NASA Has Hired Canoo To Build EVs For Artemis Astronauts

NASA is one of the most high-tech organizations in the world. So, it makes sense that it has realized the importance of the electric world. Therefore, NASA’s recent step of hiring Canoo to build its electric vehicles makes sense.

NASA partners with Canoo

But this brings us to the next question: NASA operates in space so does this contract with Canoo has anything to do with space? Well, not for now.

The newly awarded contract just grants Canoo the right of producing electric vehicles. These CTVs (Crew Transportation Vehicles) will carry Artemis Astronauts to the launchpad of the upcoming project.

It is worth noting that the CTVs will be based on Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle platform which is an electric van.

This step is also momentous for Canoo as after this it will also be able to play its role in the space exploration domain. Other companies that are already doing so include:

For the initial period, Canoo decided to stay quiet about it. However, after ten days, the company has confirmed the news.

When Will Canoo Deliver These Vehicles?

According to reports, the company aims to deliver several of these vehicles to NASA by June next year.

Meeting the deadline is critical because they must adhere to the Artemis mission schedule.

How Much Is The Project Worth?

While the attention that Canoo is receiving for now is tremendous, the actual worth of the project is not that substantial.

Canoo vehice reveal

The contract is worth just €135,000 for now. However, according to reports, it will soon rise.

What Makes The Artemis Missions So Important?

NASA’s Artemis missions are pivotal for space exploration. This is because:

  • They will land the first person of colour as well as the first woman on the Moon;
  • Such missions will utilize cutting-edge technologies for exploring more of the lunar surface than ever before.

Artemis missions will put humans on the Moon for the first time in the past 50 years.

Through these projects, NASA will collaborate with commercial and global partners. This will assist NASA to establish the first-ever long-term presence on the Moon.

After this, the first astronauts to Mars will also make use of the knowledge bank gained from the Artemis missions.

Why Did NASA Choose Canoo For This Project?

NASA had shortlisted several companies for this contract. However, Canoo was able to come out as the winner.

For the project, NASA had predefined requirements which included:

  • Zero emissions;
  • 5 km EV range;
  • Cabin space to comfortably seat 8 passengers.
Interior of Canoo

What made Canoo the best option was that its Lifestyle Vehicle is all set to enter production by the end of the current year.

It is worth noting, however, that the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle seats only 7 passengers. This means that it doesn’t fully meet the NASA requirements.

We are yet to hear from the company if it plans to incorporate any changes to the LV just for this contract.

Importance Of Canoo Electric Vehicles

Canoo presently features three vehicles on its websites which include:

  • Lifestyle Vehicle;
  • MPDV;
  • Pickup Truck.
Canoo will produce three types of vehicles - lifestyle vehicle, MPDV, pickup truck.

The company claims that its electric vehicles put drivers in charge through their innovative technology.

The electric range of the MPDV is yet to be announced whereas that of the other two models is as follows:

  • LV: 403 km;
  • Pickup Truck: 322 km.
Final Verdict

We have high hopes for not just the Artemis mission but also Canoo. The recent contract between NASA and Canoo exemplifies how the EV segment will soon take over all domains of our lives.

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