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New Tesla Y Model

When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla is delivering dramatic results, which is why the company has been able to keep its top spot as the world’s number one EV manufacturer.

The Tesla Model Y is an important EV for the company and in addition to the Model 3, it was the second EV from the company that was a part of the most sold electric vehicles globally in 2021.

Design Language

The Tesla Model Y is the cutting-edge EV manufacturer’s answer to the world of growing SUVs. 

With a large body size, it offers not only additional cabin space but also provides more storage area as the rear seats can be easily folded down.
What Are The Major Improvements?

Some of the major changes that the new version of the Model Y will have include the new structural battery pack that the company is trying to create hype about.

Furthermore, the inclusion of 4680 battery cells is a significant technological advancement because it will provide more battery life and thus deliver exceptional results.

Performance Of Model Y On Snow

While the vehicle has already been able to set up its dominance over the asphalted roads, it is yet to be seen how the Model Y performs in snow and this is why several experts are now regularly carrying out extensive testing of the vehicle.

In a recent test, it was revealed that the regenerative braking mode of the vehicle causes a disturbance during driving on snow and thus drivers are advised to turn this setting to the low mode while driving on the slippery surface. 

News Regarding Model Y’s Manufacturing In Texas 

According to the latest reports, the Tesla Y’s production has started in the Texas Giga factory which is a huge step as the company is now trying to implement some new technologies in its line-up with the help of model Y.

Before this, Tesla had plans to start the production of the Tesla Model Y in the Texas Giga factory by the end of the last year, however, due to one reason or the other, it could be done.

Fans have been keeping an eye on the company’s activities, and one such instance occurred recently when a person named Jeff Roberts posted a photo of several Tesla Model Y vehicles parked in the factory.

Jeff Roberts is famous for flying his drone over the factory to get insights and this time he seems to have grabbed a big one as the photo has set the hopes of fans, really high.

But this can also be misleading as there is no surety that these Model Y EVs were produced at the Texas Giga factory.

When Will It Be Available In Europe?

According to reports, several instances have been reported in which the Model Y SUV has been spotted at the Berlin factory as well.

Numerous experts are claiming that the deliveries of the Model Y to the European market are expected to start from March onwards but the automaker is yet to make an official statement about this. 

However, this bears testimony to the fact that Tesla is trying hard to manufacture the vehicle in Berlin for early deliveries to the European market.

Final Verdict

The Model Y is all set to become Tesla’s greatest hit and for now, the only thing stopping it from doing so is Tesla’s slow production rate.

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