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NIO ET7 Test Drives Begin In China

What Is NIO?

NIO is a futuristic automobile manufacturer from China. The company was established in 2014.

Here are the few important credentials of NIO:

– Total Assets: €61 billion;

– Operating Income: €0,8 billion;

– Number of employees: Around 7000;

– Number of Locations: 5;

– Areas Served: China, Germany, UK, USA & Norway.

First Sedan From NIO

The ET7 is the first sedan from the company. For now, NIO’s lineup consists of the following SUVs:

– ES6;

– ES8;

– EC6.

The NIO ET7 will be slighter longer than the Tesla Model S. This is especially impressive considering that the Model S in itself is a big car.
Testing Of NIO ET7

The last week was momentous for both NIO and its customers. This is because the company began test drives for the NIO ET7, which is the company’s flagship sedan.

According to reports, testing of the vehicle is already in progress from 5th March onwards.

Where Are The Tests Being Conducted?

For now, the testing is being carried out at NIO House in the NIO-JAC manufacturing base. This is located in Hefei, in the Anhui province.

It is worth noting that customers of the Anhui province were given the chance to test the vehicles before customers from other areas of China.

However, the testing process is soon expected to be carried forward to other areas of the country.

Nationwide NIO stores will receive the NIO ET7 and customers who have booked the car will be called for test drives.

What Features Did The Customers Experience During Testing?

Here is all that customers were able to experience during the ET7’s testing phase:

– To check out the new design of seats;

– Use of high-end Nappa leather in the interior;

– Karuun renewable rattan wood;

– Ambient lighting with a wide variety of 256 colours;

– The 7.1.4 surround sound system.

The company has categorically announced that the ET7’s customers were specifically impressed by the remarkable acceleration as well as handling of the new car.

Chinese Media To Soon Have A Look At The Car

The company is all set to offer the vehicle to Chinese media for review. A major Chinese media platform dubbed EnEVPost announced lately that NIO has sent an invitation of 13th March for testing the NIO ET7.

The company is planning to provide up to 300 test drives daily. However, NIO intends to beef it up to 1000 test drives a day.

According to reports, the company NIO is prioritizing the test drives to owners that have already locked their ET7 orders.

When Will Manufacturing Of NIO ET7 Start?

The manufacturing process for the NIO ET7 is expected to start on 10th March. The first consignment is likely to be delivered by 28th March.

The company’s President and Co-founder recently announced that the vehicles being used for test drives are also road-ready. The software of these cars will be updated from the present 0.7.0 to 1.0 version before handing over to customers.

The test vehicles also lack leather upholstery which will be added to the delivery vehicles once everything else has been taken care of.
Battery Options For The NIO ET7

The NIO ET7 will be offered with the following three battery options:

– 75 kWh;

– 100 kWh;

– 150 kWh.

Range Of The NIO ET7

According to the company’s claims, the 150 kWh battery pack on the vehicle will allow it to have a range of around 1000 km.

This is a highly impressive figure because EVs from most companies are currently able to achieve around 500 km of range.

Power & Torque

Regardless of which battery pack you choose, all cars will have the same power and torque figures which are:

– Power: 480 kW;

– Torque: 850 Nm.

Impressive Acceleration

The NIO ET7 will be a quick vehicle having the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 3,9 seconds.


While the pricing availability in Europe has not yet been disclosed, it is expected that the vehicle will be launched at a price of around €64,000.

Final Verdict

Customers have high hopes for the NIO ET7. Let’s see how it performs when it is delivered from 28th March onwards.

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