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In The Face Of Energy Crisis IEA Proposes Tips To Cut Oil Demand

 The recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian forces has triggered several problems. One of the most pivotal issues in this regard is the global energy crisis. This is mainly because Russia is one of the largest exporters of oil & gas.

This has forced several countries to change the dynamics of their operation. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has offered a 10 point plan to help us in reducing our oil demand.

The measures suggested by IEA will be extremely effective because, if followed holistically, they will cut down the global oil demand by as much as 2.7 million barrels every day.

This will not only reduce our dependence on oil but will also yield side benefits such as a lower environmental impact.

Here is what the 10 point plan by IEA suggests:

Proposal No 1 by IEA

Reducing the speed limit by 10 kph on highways.

Our Take On It

This is an acceptable proposal as by travelling at relatively lower speeds, we can save a significant amount of fuel on the mega scale. Further to that, we might also be able to increase safety because fast driving has its risks.

Verdict: Do-able.
Proposal No 2 by IEA

Where possible, work from home for at least 3 days a week.

Our Take On It

For those who can work from home, they must do so as much as possible. This will not just save fuel but will also cut down travelling expenses while saving time for such people.

Verdict: Do-able.

Proposal No 3 by IEA

Large cities should be declared car-free on Sundays.

Our Take On It

This might not be entirely possible as most people like to go shopping on Sundays. Declaring specific regions within cities can be a good option.

Verdict: Partially do-able.
Proposal No 4 by IEA

Public transport should be cheaper and focus on cycling and walking should be accentuated.

Our Take On It

Cycling & walking will not just save fuel but will also keep people healthy. The cheaper public transport will reduce congestion on roads. Furthermore, stress due to urban driving will also take a dip.

Verdict: Do-able.

Proposal No 5 by IEA

Alternate private car use in big cities.

Our Take On It

It is a great option because alternate private car use will lead to lesser crowding in urban areas.

Verdict: Do-able.

Proposal No 6 by IEA

Promoting carpooling and ride-sharing for reducing fuel usage.

Our Take On It

This will reduce travel costs and the traffic jams on city roads will drop.

Verdict: Do-able.
Proposal No 7 by IEA

Using efficient freight trucks and goods delivery.

Our Take On It

The passenger car segment is already seeing a huge influx of EVs. However, commercial vehicles including trucks are yet to join the bandwagon.

Efficient freight trucks will save a lot of fuel. Meanwhile, they will also aid in reducing CO2 emissions.

Verdict: Do-able.
Proposal No 8 by IEA

Using high-speed trains particularly during nights instead of airplanes.

Our Take On It

Using trains instead of planes might not always be possible, particularly in the case of business travels and for covering long distances.

Verdict: Not possible.

Proposal No 9 by IEA

Avoiding travel for business.

Our Take On It

Much of the business these days is already carried out through the internet. However, completely avoiding travel for business is not entirely possible.

Verdict: Partially do-able.

Proposal No 10 by IEA

Using EVs and adopting more efficient modes of transport.

Our Take On It

The world is trying hard to adopt EVs and more efficient modes of transport. The global increase in sales of electric vehicles and e-bikes is an illustration of the efforts being carried out in this regard.

Verdict: Do-able.
Final Verdict

The exploding global oil demand has not only amplified our dependence on oil-producing countries but has also made out everyday life extremely detrimental for the planet.

By embracing the 10-point plan presented by IEA, we can move towards a better future.

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