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Opibus Rebrands As ROAM, Waiting For EV Leap In Africa

The Kenyan technology company Opibus has decided to rebrand itself. It will now operate under the title of ROAM. The rebranding of Opibus was announced last Thursday through a press release.

Opibus rebranding

This begs the question, why has the company’s name been changed? That’s because it believes this will help the company grow. This will be done by strategically shifting the African mobility segment to the electric platform.

The company has high aspirations for operating not just on the African continent but beyond it as well.

Why Was Opibus So Instrumental?

Opibus was founded in 2017 and functions from the Kenyan capital. It operates as a Kenyan-Swedish technology firm and works on the following features of electric vehicles:

  • Development;
  • Design;
  • Manufacturing.
ROAM manufacturing

The company is trying hard to revolutionize the transportation segment of the continent and make it more sustainable.

More Than Just A Kenyan Startup

The history of Opibus is not confined just to Kenya. Rather the company had humble beginnings as a research project in one of the Swedish universities.

The purpose of the project was to shape the future of emerging markets by implementing electric mobility in such areas.

Some of the projects included the conversion of the following to the electric platform:

  • Mining SUVs;
  • Energy storage.

Besides this, the company also worked on developing new motorcycles and passenger buses.

2022 Has Been Earth-Shattering For Opibus

2022 has been a momentous year for the company as it received funding of €6.92 million.

After this, Opibus was able to partner with Uber. This enabled the company to deploy 3000 electric bikes in Africa.

Opibus partners with Uber

The company also offered its first-ever all-electric passenger bus that will be used by the public in the future.

Some of the recent developments that are aiding the company in gaining momentum include:

  • Financial support from major parties;
  • Stirring collaborations;
  • A growing fleet of EVs.

The company’s CEO Filip Lovstrom expressed his viewpoints while clarifying ROAM’s latest ambitions and the targeted goals.

He said that this rebranding is not just a change in the company’s title. Rather it’s a huge milestone that will make the company understand its role in providing electric mobility solutions to the African region.

Under the ROAM branding, the company will aim to reach the same heights that Opibus did in such a short period.

ROAM company
How Will ROAM Operate?

If you are wondering what changes will be brought to the operations of the company, here is how ROAM plans to operate under various breakdowns:

  • ROAM Motorcycles will offer innovative electric motorcycles. These will be developed from scratch;
  • ROAM Energy will work on renewables. It will try to offer energy system solutions;
  • ROAM Charging: This division of ROAM will try to provide the electric charging infrastructure that will be a must for electric bikes, vehicles and buses;
  • MUSE: Under this division, ROAM will continue the process of converting Mining, Utility and Safari vehicles.
Final Verdict

The company is determined to continue its electric vehicle manufacturing and conversion process in the future. In addition, it will continue to provide energy system solutions to support these vehicles.

The rebranding from Opibus to ROAM also demonstrates the company’s interest in scaling up its processes to reach new heights in the segment.

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